🥇 ▷ 8【 Examples of Company Programs 】

The examples of company programs demonstrate how these allow solving an infinite number of tasks such as warehouses and stocks, accountingdesign, documentation and equipment management, billing, logistics, marketing and sales, etc.

Therefore, there are many tasks within a company that cannot be performed manually, but rather require a professional. software to be carried out.

What are the 8 examples of company programs?

1. Business Intelligence (BI)

On a general level, it is a powerful tool dedicated to the set of applications, technical architectures, data, strategies, products and technologies.

Analyze a company’s data, such as weaknesses, journals, strategies, and strengths. In this way, it allows to establish objectives and a decision making faster.

2.Call Center

Regarding the examples of company programs, this application specializes in call management, since it contains a filter to classify them according to their importance.

An important point is the correct management of customer service, since it is a point in favor for companies.

It not only includes the traditional telephone, but other new ways of communication such as chats, emails, contact forms, social networksTelegram, WhatsApp, etc.

For this reason, these applications are constantly updated and are part of the new ways of communication.

3.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is based on the management and customer loyalty with a view to a business strategy, designed to anticipate and respond to the requirements of current or potential customers.

Thus, the client-company link can grow and with this development it is stored in a database all the information of the clients and the potential ones.

This information is very helpful for launching commercial and promotional actions and, consequently, better customer sales with personalized attention.

4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

With reference to the modalities of administrative applicationsthe ERP or Company Resource Planning is the most used in more than 70% of companies.

Above all, in those that are related to accounting, shipments, inventorythe Logistics and production.

It groups management in various areas such as accounting, purchasing and salesplanning, production, human resources and stocks.

5. Factorial

within the software of activities of an organizationFactorial deals with human resource management, helping HR managers to automate and facilitate daily tasks.

With just one click, it is possible to find processes such as the administration of absences and vacations, hiring new personnel, time control, performance evaluations, among others.

It can be used in a Human Resources department of a single person or in teams of 20, 40 or more employees: it is a software that exceeds common expectations.

Apart from allowing the use of company data for the preparation of the corresponding reports, it makes it easier to observe what is happening in the company in real time.

Factorial generates a user for each employee, and thus mark their entrances and exits from their position, sign contracts, request days off, receive payments and everything they need.

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relative to the corporate wellness programsNotion is imposed by the simplicity with which a person can create their workspaces and customize them as they like.

It all starts with a blank template, and clicking the “/” command opens up a whole host of possibilities to create anything, including images and GIF videos.

Likewise, you can create headers, task flow by status, task list as a check list or groupable in “toggle” format, quotes, custom tables and much more.

7. Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

It is essential that any company that works with physical products has warehouse management software, in order to save work and spend time managing them.

SGA manage the entry and exit of stock, how much has been sold or lost and where everything is.

Indeed, it is very useful when there is more than one store or to quickly find out where a specific product is stored.

Therefore, it can be ranked as one of the clothing business application templates and other more used tangible goods, which require knowing where they are at all times.

8. Terminals at the Point of Sale (POS)

As to what are the most popular apps on the marketthe POS are in charge of managing everything related to the sales process.

It includes invoices, orders, tickets, among other important aspects. Essential in those companies that have an online store, because it is also dedicated to making the payment.

They can be physical such as dataphones or virtual, as previously mentioned in the collection of e-commerce.