🥇 ▷ 75 Examples of ✍ 【Sentences with Proper Nouns】

Next we present you examples of sentences with proper nounsso that you learn to identify this part of speech.

What are proper nouns?

Proper nouns are a type of word that names a particular being, object or reality, distinguishing it from others of the same class and do not admit plural.

Are examples of proper nouns: Europe, Monica, Oceania, Starbucks, Motorola, Google, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Coca Cola, Las Vegas, Lima, among others.

exist different types of nouns (own, common, concrete, abstract, individual, collective, countable, uncountable) and each one has its own characteristics.

Characteristics of proper nouns

They are written with capital letters no matter where in the prayer be found. They are invariable.They are monoreferential, that is, they refer to a single reality.They do not have meaning lexicon, that is, a own name it is not opposed to another by its properties or semantic features.Not lead determiners. They have no translation.

Classification of proper nouns

to. anthroponyms

Also known as personal names that include first and last names. For example: Luisa, Andrea, Julia, González, Ramírez, Hernández.

b. place names

Understood as proper names of places and geographical features, rivers, mountains, among others. For example: France, Mexico City, Rome, Buenos Aires.

Examples of sentences with proper nouns

The city of chillan It is the best place to lead a peaceful life. Last December we traveled to London. Tomorrow we will all study the fauna of Asia. Today we will study the book of Levitical. The meeting of International Monetary Fund It culminated in a controversy. We will go to the concert New Wine next November. Your favorite channel is Link Because I like your programming. My son wants a birthday party for Spiderman. All the children loved to spend a lot of time watching Discovery Kids. Others preferred to see Animal Planet. She bought a bag Versace. The pants were brand Sarah. Microwave samsung it is still under warranty. Have you seen José today? I don’t know what happened to the lady Rodriguez. The young woman from Russia did not attend anymore. The march in the city Havana It was suspended. the Gioconda it is a great work of art. davinci He was definitely a great artist. I want to drink Coca Cola. We are going to McDonald’s. The tower of Pisa is more inclined leila suarez Has returned. Grandpa Joseph He won an award. It would be interesting to see the ocean Arctic.

Other sentences with proper nouns

the cake of Martha it was pineapple The doctor alvarez He treated all his patients. The grandmother Elisa I longed for the old days. Leonardo ate the dog food. The Eiffel Tower is projected into the sky. journalists from Canada They reported everything that happened. My cousins ​​will come to Santiago de Chile tonight. In the company Microsoft problems have arisen. A vehicle Ford always runs at high speed. Peter He supports his entire family with his salary. In Madrid They have a very interesting literature. The Bible it is a powerful book. I want to explore the mountains of Taj Mahal. I had never heard of the story of Yugoslavia. Miguel de Cervantes he is a great writer novels. marisela won the championship. she had never visited Vancouver. The Republic of Kazakhstan has no costs. My friends will come to visit me at Stockholm. The students coming from Sweden they arrived yesterday. The sectioned will travel to Sri Lanka. They all left the Swiss embassy. The Organization of American States has resumed the matter. shakespeare various plays. They led a series of Netflix. Motorola just launched a new range of phones. South America has been undervalued. I participated in a physiotherapy congress in India. My father filed his complaint with Wallmart. Manzana grew rapidly.

Other examples of sentences with proper nouns

We saw the car Gonzalo. My brothers heard the noise in Belen. Several children were born in December in the Republic of Mali. Everybody wants to go missionary to Somalia. Let’s eat snickers with Pepsi Cola. Julia and I had bread for breakfast with Nutella. Ricardo spoke with his mother for WhatsApp. My wife and I met for Skype. The doctor joao duran study hard. The owner came to look for her Miami. Javier studied the history of Aphrodite. We study the gospel of Matthew. Elvira and his family went for a walk. Bought a brand fridge Sony. we travel to South Korea. Was Madonna the one who sang His favorite preacher was Yesenia Then. Harry Potter is a famous character. they have gone to Pakistan. They raised the flag of Denmark. I want to study in Germany. We’ll go to Cairo next year. My favorite Christian movie is Overcomed. Superman he is a great superhero. George Lucas He is a great American filmmaker.