🥇 ▷ 75 Examples of【 Sentences with Indicative Verbs】

The sentences with indicative verbs They serve to express the verbal action as a real, certain and objective fact. That is, what the speaker refers to is taken for granted without being questioned.

What are Sentences with Indicative Verbs?

These sentences are based on a way in which the speaker objectively communicates specific information. For example, when someone is asked what time it is, the answer to that question would necessarily be a sentence with an indicative verb, such as “It’s half past three pm.”

Through these prayers it is possible for the transmitter with a attitude objective can express a real fact either in present, past or future tense. For example: I eat cake (present), you ate cake (past), we will eat cake (future).

This type of sentences allow to express the meaning of the verb as if it were something real or certain, and not a conjecture.

Sentences with indicative verbs is the way par excellence for the assertive sentence and for the expression of propositions or statements.

Here we offer you 75 examples of sentences with indicative verbs that will help you.

Simple examples of sentences with indicative verbs

Tea I’m listening and I don’t believe you. I I raise early every day of my life. The whales arrive in spring and return to the ocean in winter. Day after tomorrow I will go out trip to the beach The act concluded in the afternoon. HE they have Praise and worship registrations open. The Bible is he best selling book in the world. I arrived on time for my first anatomy class. The eclipse will happen at six o’clock in the afternoon. Party will finish at eleven p.m. the mandarin language is he most spoken in China. Suzanne lied about his age in the interview. macronutrients are important part of the daily diet. linguists are professional experts in the study of linguistics. film industry had very low income in the past. The teacher postponed to all its students in the language partial. The Venezuelan population eat arepa daily. Peru it’s a culturally diverse country. The grammar of a language establishes essential rules. In United States they have made many studies on obesity. Newborns and the elderly they are more vulnerable. I will ask salad and a fish at lunch. Brazil won soccer world cup. I hired to a teacher to learn English. The philosophy is a knowledge discipline.

Simple examples of sentences with indicative verbs

Living beings are bornHE reproduce and die. My sister works from home. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Arrives spring and flowers adorn my house. Tea wait at five for dinner. Was preparing lunch when you called me. already my mom ha arrived to home. She born in Paris France. I already told you there was saying but you didn’t believe me As soon as I finished to eat, I left. Will come to eat the daughter of the prime minister of Finland. I will have received documentation the day after tomorrow. Yeah knew What to do, I would give you some advice. Today I want a crab sandwich for snack. The plants flourished in Sofia’s garden. His friends study every day to pass physics. The swimming it’s a sport very beneficial for health. Peter le ha bought a great gift to your girlfriend. I always I cook lunch on Saturdays. Today I prepared the food but I didn’t do the dishes. My father is lawyer and works in the courts. The festival it was in the student auditorium. My brother loves much to my mother. Never I have traveled to Norway. Yesterday I inaugurated the first literary exhibition.

More sentences with indicative verbs

Runs hard for you to win the race. I will go with my family at the premiere of a movie. I preheated the oven before preparing the cake. The actor won award as the best of the year. My mom I cry when you see me again Birds they sing every morning at my window. God except my life and gave me new life. This weekend there will be discounts on children’s clothing The neighbors they shouted of joy when seeing that the light arrived. The reading It is one one of my favorite hobbies. Yesterday in the afternoon it rained too much. Tea you will give realize that I was right. The geography is a understudied career. Iceland it’s a very cold country I will finish this article and I will rest. Every morning took coffee while I see my beautiful garden The boy listen loud music. Sun clarified the morning and brought her heat. red velvet cake is my favorite. the singers adore with the heart. After dinner always I read the Bible. Tomorrow come on to the beach.Today is my birthday.air traffic ha increased the last days.