🥇 ▷ 75【Examples of Conjunctions】

Here we present a variety of examples of conjunctionswhich will help you learn about the relationships of words in sentences

What are conjunctions?

Conjunctions are a class of invariant particles of the grammar used to establish relationships between words, sentences or propositions and their meaning is strictly grammatical.

The conjunction is a part of speech that establishes relationships of coordination and relationships of subordination between sentences, giving rise to what is known as coordinating conjunction and subordinating conjunction.

Main types of conjunctions

between the different types of conjunctions have:

to. coordinating conjunctions

They are those that serve as a link for words, sentences or phrases that perform the same syntactic function. They can be copulative, disjunctive, adversative and distributive.

For example “Isabel reads a book and Julia watches TV.

b. subordinating conjunctions

They are those that serve as a link to subordinate a sentence or phrase that syntactically depends on another. They can be completive, causal, comparative, consecutive, conditional, final, concessive, temporary and explanatory.

For example, “He told me that will come tomorrow”.

Best examples of coordinating conjunctions

Examples of copulative conjunctions

We will eat honey cookies and strawberry juice. I told him but He ignored me. We told further he didn’t take it seriously. you didn’t eat neither you took a shower. I was very disappointed and gonna. I will make cake but Pineapple. Study and job. Scholars study and investigate.

Examples of disjunctive conjunctions

My aunt either my cousin will make lunch. A or another will bear the costs. that stain is oil either of salsa. or you come either we leave without you come in either you go out? To go either to eat here?

Examples of adversative conjunctions

He didn’t come to celebrate but to fight. I warned you howeverdid not pay attention. I wanted to buy many things, but could not. Tried to figure it out further could not. I did not say that, but quite the opposite. We’ll do it as agreed neverthelessIt doesn’t look good to me.

Examples of distributive conjunctions

we will cook now in your house, now in mine. Be one thing, be the other. The party will be already in summer, already in winter Job good with dedication, good lazily. Nails laugh, others they cry. As soon it’s raining as it’s sunny. Some they cooked, others they cleaned. This says one thing, that says another.

Best examples of subordinating conjunctions

Examples of Completive Conjunctions

inform him that passed the course. I dreamed that I bathed on the beach. I don’t know Yeah you will be right. I don’t want to that you go. Tell me Yeah you will come to see me.

Examples of explanatory conjunctions

Rome, that is to saythe capital of Italy, is an ancient city. good nutrition, I meanEating well is important. The best students, that is to sayJosé and Juan were awarded.

Examples of causal conjunctions

I will not remember that stage of my life because it is very painful. I’ll go walking well I want to exercise. they suspect you given that you were hiding You will flee in vain since They have all your data. Daniela felt offended Given the you disrespected him.

Examples of temporal conjunctions

When The sun rises, we’ll go for a walk. I will arrive before sunset. will retire as soon as turns fifty.

Examples of comparative conjunctions

Emilio eats less than his brother. Julia runs more than all the children. José’s mother cooks as my grandmother. Mercedes works less than Leticia.

Examples of consecutive conjunctions

I study hard, then passed the test. Think about it, wellif that is what suits you. Pollution has increased so the government took action. He did not speak Mandarin; thereforeHe didn’t understand what you said to him. They accused him with evidence, therefore he had to plead guilty. It crashed down, so that everyone saw it. I had no other choice so that I had to act. They criticized the project with what we will not carry it out.

Examples of Conditional Conjunctions

Yeah you study more you will get better grades. As you dare to break the rules, you will be penalized. If appeal the sentence, you will be lost. We will do the business as long as Are you willing to sign a contract? Tell me Yeah Do you want strawberry ice cream? He did not tell me Yeah will you marry me. I will as long please you. I will not tell you unless I asked. I will not move unless get a new job.

Examples of final conjunctions

I told you for me give your opinion you better know in order to act now. I prepared everything so that let’s enjoy this day. I write to you daily in order to do not forget me. They changed the schedule with the objective of receive more students.

Examples of concessive conjunctions

I heard the whole class, although I was very bored. I didn’t accept it So I insisted a thousand times. They lifted the alert status yes ok the epidemic continues. Discrimination continues although Efforts have been made to eliminate it. accepted the job despite it was far from home.