🥇 ▷ 75【Examples of Compound Sentences】

Next, we present a variety of examples of the different types of compound sentences that exist.

What are compound sentences?

Compound sentences are those that contain two or more verbs, that is, they are formed by two or more sentences joined by means of links.

For example

“Dinner ended early and the family fell asleep”, this is a compound sentence, which has two verbs “finish” and “sleep” and are joined by the conjunction “and”.

In this type of sentences there is agreement between the different elements that make it up.

Compound sentences have their parts related to each other, through subordination, coordinationor through juxtapositiongiving rise to the different types of compound sentences What are they:

The subordinate clauses. Coordinated sentences. Juxtaposed sentences.

This type of sentences They are also known by the name of complex sentences. Example: “They will persist until they achieve all their goals”, in this example of a compound sentence two propositions are included.

The first proposition is “They will persist” and the second proposition is “until they achieve all their goals.”

It is important to know how to identify and use the compound sentence when writing a text.

Best Examples of Coordinate Compound Sentences

Copulative compound sentences

I graduated in arts and I work in a pharmacy. is not honest with you neither you are with her. The students study and They do research on world history. I got off work and I went to have a coffee. Miranda did not speak very clearly and I did not understand it. my fridge broke and I have not fixed it. Eat and eat a lot of pasta. You must work and not have so much fun Minerva plays guitar and write romantic songs Luisa works in the morning and Irene does it in the morning. They do not eat neither they sleep. inflation has increased and devaluation threatens to destroy the economy.

Examples of Adversative Coordinate Compound Sentences

The amusement park is very beautiful. but it’s very dangerous. we invited her to a party but I do not accept. We would like a cure for that disease furtherhas not yet been achieved. He did not spend the money with his family but he squandered it all on a party. I used to believe in good fortune, however Now I have come to have serious doubts. Leticia did not like to comment in public, before well he preferred to remain silent. Those machines are very fast although It costs too much. Tulio is a good person although it does not seem.

Examples of Disjunctive Coordinate Compound Sentences

tell me the whole truth either I will no longer believe you. fix what you did either face the consequences. sell that book now either you will regret it later. We had to explain the incident or hide the evidence very well.

Examples of Distributive Coordinate Compound Sentences

Good you can stay and try good No. Already they sang, already they danced This build healthy relationships, that destroys them. Some they plant trees, others they burn forests. pray they laughed, now they cried.

Examples of Subordinate Compound Clauses

Examples of noun subordinate compound clauses

It worries me that something bad could happen to you. I’d like that you go with me tomorrow. those who aspire They can get into a lot of trouble. that psychologist he was a jerk.

Examples of adjective subordinate compound clauses

He tree that we demolished yesterday was gruesome. Today we will prepare the chicken that your father brought us. He parrot that they gave us died. At today’s board of directors they appointed president, who had proposed this project.

Examples of adverbial subordinate compound sentences

Everyone was very enthusiastic about the poem because they were experts in literary criticism. if you regretI’ll walk away. the events did not happen Like you said. what explanation will you give When is the scam discovered? We will wait for you where you already know. Lives where no one wants to go Arrive as far as circumstances allow. my cousins ​​ate When was it allowed to do so? Don’t express your opinion while you’re here He got very sloppy since he got fat Anabela in her car goes where you want. I will prepare dinner while you finish. ran like if a dog were chasing him. It’s more boring to stay at home what to party. His speech was so moving that everyone cried. did not graduate because he didn’t want to I learned the poem to say it in class. The plant will wither if not i water it. everyone will notice even if you hide

Examples of Juxtaposed Compound Sentences

Come with me please, I’ll show you the house. we all wanted to have dinner; the food was not ready. I don’t want tea; I prefer coffee. We always talk about art, without being artists. Alberto’s aunt opened the door, I perceived a bad smell. I met her a year ago; I didn’t see her again.

Examples of compound sentences with subject and predicate

Water wet all my clothes and Sun dried it up The play close today, because director Will move. Waves they were very high; the sea he was enraged. Many children they slept restlessly and parents they worried. None told the truth and teacher I feel it. The fairies They exist in stories, which Luis he completely dislikes them. Norway it is a beautiful country; cold weather I like it when I don’t have to go out to work. They They heard a lot of noises and I made me deaf. The girl ran after teacher who yelled all over the school.72. Nature from that city I was so captivated that I took dozens of photographs. triple chocolate cake is prepared by a baker who has a lot of experience. the pediatrician treated his patients, but there was an emergency. My grandmother she ran all over the house after her grandchildren; those years How did you enjoy your life?