🥇 ▷ 75【 Examples of Adverbs of Mode】

In this article we bring you examples of adverbs of manner so that you learn to use them in the writing of texts.

What are adverbs of manner?

The Adverbs of manner are a type of adverb that describes how the action or process performed by the subject in a sentence.

This type of adverb It is characterized because it provides a quality that refers to the way in which a certain task is executed. action.

For example, in “The girl studies a lot”, the adverb “a lot” describes the way the girl develops in the action she performs (in this case studying).

It is necessary to emphasize that adverbs are invariable words that behave as circumstantial modifiers of verbsalthough also of the adjectivesof other adverbs or of the whole sentence.

To know precisely what is an adverb of manner, you should know how to identify it in a sentence. In the sentence “The secretary is fast”, the adverb in this case is “fast”, if we ask the same sentence, how is the secretary? The answer is “quick”, in this way you can identify the adverb in the sentence easily.

Best examples of adverbs of manner

Jose Daniel served better in their studies during the last quarters. athletes won fast American football intercollegiate cup competition. my wife cooks slowly the chicken salad with shrimp for dinner. Ana, her boyfriend and all her family yesterday They prepared a delicious aubergine pasticho. The television host pronounced evil a word during today’s program susana got unfortunately a bad experience on his first day of classes at the university. the holiday season quickly was over. the girls ran quickly to catch the bus. This wall is worse built than your house. the girl was hiding below out of the cupboard when she felt scared. Elvia and her son talk high and interrupt my rest. The tenants were talking warmly with the new neighbors. my mother talks low when he is calling attention to my cousin. My friend told me that sometimes she doesn’t listen good what they tell you. Stefano will speak briefly on the topic that corresponds to develop. they visited me frequently at my job to share a word with me. This group of men nimbly They have conquered new territories. Heraclitus and his group met the objectives satisfactorily this semester. Incredibly we were able to finish the construction of the house ahead of schedule. received today to new entrants in the physiotherapy school. The unexpected results of the elections are completely reliable. Elijah’s mother drove yesterday along the avenue that crosses the entire city. Cigarette smoking is fatal for human health. The survivors beat strong the door for them to open. My beloved fiancée does physical activity regularly.

Other examples of sentences with adverbs of manner

Ignacio’s mother works untiringly to make your dreams come true. My best friend’s stepmother talks very tough and annoyed by everything. you definitely slept better because you are feeding good. I told him that hiding the truth from detectives is worse. my neighbor ran happily shouting that he had won a new car. Ruth is very good interpreter of christian music. Daniela thinks she’s going to lower further kilos this month. jessica talks high and torments all attendees. Cristina talks warmly with his parents and tells them all about his vacation. my father talks low And sometimes it’s hard for me to hear what he’s saying. He listens good all the advice her parents give her. Lucilla will speak briefly during his speech at the closing of cycles. Frequently they visited her and brought her chocolate and strawberry ice creams. Young nimbly they conquered her on a walk through the mountains of that country. Sofia approved satisfactorily this year with outstanding grades in all subjects. Jose Daniel served better than his best friend in chemistry class. My ex wife’s family always I made a strawberry shortcake on his birthday. The teacher expressed yesterday on the spot that she has been selected to study in Sweden. The inhabitants of this town unfortunately They have polluted the river waters. the play finished sadly because all the characters were destroyed. This wall is worse built than my neighbor’s chicken coop fence. Incredibly I finished the order of ten birthday cakes in one day. The day of my birthday happily I received gifts from all the people who love me. The ingredients of this rich recipe are completely natural and nutritious. Some of my companions walked slow during the evaluation of sports performance at school.

More examples of adverbs of manner

eat fried food daily is Bad for health. I hit strong the door because I got tired of knocking and nobody answered me. All art students regularly They attend the square to do yoga. I have seen horror movies lately although they scared me. Rodrigo accepted necessarily the business that his girlfriend’s best friend proposed to him. The text was revised carefully by the members of the scientific arbitration committee. The crab meat burger is further nutritious than a cheese pizza. Gustavo made the cake while her sister was cleaning the rest of the house. You’re a person very nice that is worth to know. My cousins ​​behaved bravely during the situation. please you have to talk slowly. Bella was looking greedily the letter of his beloved. lilac smiles beautifully before the cameras. a student runs quickly. He speaks fluidly English. Omar was screaming thunderously. You are a person very gentle. you shouldn’t talk evil from them. Be better than I thought. I warned him that the accident could be worse. the mother walks fast to reach his son. Manager clearly expressed his decision. we scream strong so that she would listen to us. The young woman tried to speak slowly. I have explained to him that this works internally that way.