🥇 ▷ 7 Examples of 【Short Chronicles】

The following examples of short stories they reveal stories chronologically, being as explicit and objective as possible.

What is a chronicle? are all those texts that narrate stories that locate the reader at the moment in which the narrated events occurred, always respecting the time in which they occurred.

Examples of short chronicles: Historical, children’s, among others

The children’s chronicleshistorical, sports or literary, in general, are used in the journalistic field.

there are several types of chronicles that we specify in this article, among them: sports, informative, opinion.

1. The trip to the hospital (Informative Chronicle)

Author: Victor Humberto Clemenceau

“It was six in the evening when my mother called me on my cell phone, that’s when I found out that an uncle had a decompensation due to diabetes, in fact we had never had that problem and they didn’t know what to do.

I called a taxi driver and he was ready to help us, but the taxi driver did not know the city and I had to tell him where we should go.

Finally we arrived at the “Asunción Hospital” and they treated him well, but the surprise was that they charged $15,000.00 to admit him”.

2. Assault on the Palace (Judicial Chronicle)

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“The plan seemed crazy too simple. It was about taking the National Palace of Managua in broad daylight, with only 25 men, holding the members of the Chamber of Deputies hostage and obtaining the release of all political prisoners as a ransom.

In addition to the Senate on the first floor and the Chamber of Deputies on the second, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Revenues work there, making it the most public and populous of all public buildings in Managua. ”.

3. Go shopping with my son (Travel Chronicle)

Author: Misael Bello

One Friday morning I decided to go shopping with my youngest son. In the morning we get dressed, have breakfast and leave.

On our tour, little Luis was very cold, which caused him allergies and consequently nausea.

We had to get off public transport, make a stop, breathe fresh air and continue our route.

Upon arriving at the supermarket, Luis was more animated and eager to help put away the products.

So, when she got home, she took a bath and began to put her groceries in order.

4. Ten years have passed since Hurricane Katrina (Black Chronicle)

Examples of short chronicles can cause a great sensation in the reader, this is one of them.

Author: Isabel Forner

10 years ago Hurricane Katrina, one of the greatest human and environmental disasters that the US has experienced.

One of the hardest hit cities was New Orleans and thousands of people lost everything they owned.

Louisiana’s flagship, America’s European jewel and the cradle of jazz became a ghost town.

The hurricane formed as a tropical storm in the Bahamas, on August 27 it reached its peak with category 5 and wind gusts of 280 km per hour.

5. Human garbage (Chronicle of opinion)

Author: Daniel Sanchez Poitevin

Garbage, in addition to being an inherent characteristic of the human being, is a condition that identifies us and a way of belonging to the world.

The waste that we generate is more typical of us than anything else; even the space that we do not inhabit, beyond the atmosphere, we have filled with garbage.

6. “Mom I don’t want to go to school” (Children’s Chronicle)

Author: Misael Bello

Diego, who is 8 years old, told his mother that he did not want to go to school because his friends made fun of him.

His mom sat down to listen to him, she spent the whole day crying, she dried her tears and explained what was happening.

At about 4 in the afternoon, he told him that his classmates were trying to get his attention because he was a very lonely boy.

So, the next day Diego stood up very excited wanting to go study and share with his classmates.

7. Messi and his departure from Barcelona (Opinion)

We say goodbye to the examples of short chronicles with this sports gem.

Author: Misael Bello

Although they had reached a negotiation, the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, could not stay at FC Barcelona.

At the press conference, he could not contain his tears and recalled the fantastic moments of his training as a footballer.

He told the public that he was not prepared for a situation as such, however, he thanked his teammates for the moments he experienced.

Now, Messi has an uncertain future in the sport, it is rumored that he will go to a team in France, most likely PSG.