🥇 ▷ 7 【Discussion Examples 】

If you want to expand your mind and learn to communicate your ideas, start exercising your thinking with these 7 Discussion Examples that we bring you today

A debate It is a discussion between two or more interlocutors, in which different points of view are confronted in order to broaden a perspective on a given topic.

Exchanging opinions, exposing a position, and in the same way, knowing that of others, is always an enriching activity if we understand that we are exercising our mind and expanding our knowledge.

This is the reason why schools, colleges and universities continue to apply it as an educational technique; however, the debate has a place in any sphere of life.

Now without further ado, read these 7 Discussion Examples that could serve as a reference in case you intend to start an exchange of ideas.

7 Debate Examples to Have Interesting and Profitable Discussions

With the list that we present below, it is likely that more than one has something to say. Do not stay with the doubt, and look at these interesting topics to discuss.

1. Post pandemic isolation, pros and cons

A very current topic, and one that is undoubtedly giving a lot to talk about. Behind the pandemic of the Covid-19it is reasonable that, globally, certain security measures will be taken.

Among them, the main one is the isolation of people in their homes; some believe it is necessary to reduce contagion figures, and others consider that it increases economic and social problems.

So, it is interesting that several can discuss: how beneficial is this measure, and how harmful can it be not complying with it?

2. Social networks: beneficial or harmful?

It is no secret to anyone that social networks They are here to stay, how could we not include them as a topic of discussion in these 7 Examples of debate?

It is that, from every point of view, these communication platforms meant a social revolution, and a transformation of humanity. Therefore, it is important to consider its benefits and cons.

While some love them, and consider them to have been a great advancement of the technologyothers conceive them as harmful in various aspects.

Be that as it may, it is still a relevant topic to discuss.

3. Fidelity in couple relationships

This theme has, perhaps, a rather subjective character, and that is precisely what is funny about it and the reason why it is interesting when debating.

What is being faithful, and what is considered infidelity within a relationship? Is the person who loves necessarily faithful?

Or vice versa, did not the one who has been unfaithful love his partner?

All these questions are an excellent topic of discussion.

4. Abortion

He abortion It is a topic that cannot be missing, as it continues to be one of the most discussed and controversial.

Although there are arguments in favor of the freedom that a woman has to decide about her body and her life, there are also counter-arguments that refute them.

In the debate on abortion, ethical, moral, psychological, legal and even religious aspects are touched.

5. Equality

Even though the society has made great efforts to advance on issues of acceptance and tolerance, the issue of the equality It will always be in force, and subject to discussion.

The purpose of this debate is to discuss issues such as: whether we have really overcome discrimination (gender, racial, sexual, and others), or how far we still need to achieve it.

He moderator After a debate like this, you can start the argument with the following question: does equality really exist?

6. Death penalty

How viable is the death penalty within a society? Does it really work? And the million dollar question: in which cases should it be applied?

Although we are talking about a topic that has been under discussion for a few decades, today, more and more people are in favor of this punishment.

In Peru, for example, Ipsos carried out a survey in which it was shown that more than 80% of people approved of the application of this punishment to rapists of minors.

However, there are those who continue to argue that this measure represents a violation of the human rights. In any case, it is still an interesting topic to discuss.

7. Bullying or bullying

The last example of debate that we have included in this list is the bullying either bullying.

This problem is a reason for debate both for parents, children and adolescents, as well as for different professionals; namely: educators, psychologists, lawyers, and others.

Different groups in society, today submit to discussion, not only its meaning, but also its characteristics, consequences, and ways to remedy it.

Discussion will always be beneficial

All debate is beneficial and represents learning, so if you are willing to do so, do not forget to be tolerant, respectful, and above all, keep an open mind.