🥇 ▷ 7【Examples of Patience】

The patience It is the capacity that people have to know how to wait calmly in the face of any situation that, for other individuals, could generate stress. Here are some very interesting examples of patience.

What is patience?

Patience manifests itself as attitude that allows to tolerate or understand uncomfortable circumstances without falling into complaints, regrets or signs of rebellion when reacting.

The etymology of the term is centered on the Latin “patty”, which translates to “suffer”. Consequently, the concept contemplates the fact that a person can silently endure the development of things that cause them suffering or discomfort.

The personalitythe temperament types and the emotions influence the fact that you act like a patient person. However, this decision has many benefits in everyday life, which are linked to the ability to interact while being prudent. Consider the most basic examples of patience below.

Key Examples of Patience

1. Traffic

Traffic delays could become a headache for drivers, but in reality, waiting calmly is the only way out of this situation. Despite the fact that plans are made, there are things that cannot be controlled.

In this case, a patient person warns that they will be late, they would wait for the traffic jam to clear until they continue on their route and reach their destination.

2. Purposes and goals

Reaching a goal is a matter of knowing how to wait. Despite the fact that obstacles will most likely arise, it is necessary to continue working based on the purpose and at the end of the road the rewards will be seen.

This quality makes you maintain your focus with calm and confidence that the time will come to see results.


While waiting for a meal or drink in a restaurant, keeping entertained or collected is what patient people do. This while the waiting time is adequate and is within normal limits.

On the other hand, there are people who could get upset, complain to the waiters or ask for the intervention of the management so that their request is attended to more efficiently, if they have been made to wait a few minutes.

4. Line up

To enter concerts, bars and some public entities it is necessary to get into a line, which is formed in order of arrival, and there wait for the turn to arrive. Some do it calmly and others want to cause chaos for that.

Patience invites those who practice it to stay on the site until the corresponding moment arrives to enter, carry out a procedure or receive attention. It is a question that can be annoying for many, but it is necessary to enjoy what you are looking for.

5. Medical rest

If there is a fracture, sprain or a nearby surgical intervention, it is most likely that you have to rest and bring these qualities to the fore.

This type of people seeks a way to distract themselves, take advantage of time in bed or do something fun, without falling into pessimism or anxiety about returning to their usual tasks soon, because even though they want to, they know how to wait for the moment.

6. Traffic light

Waiting for the green light to proceed at the traffic light, without getting upset, snapping your fingers or getting desperate is another act of a patient individual. Just like when the car in front is slow to move or the people who cross the street do it at a slow pace.

7. Children

Children can be loud, tearful, or messy. But when their parents keep a calm demeanor and behave prudently, they manifest this conductwhich allows them to correct and educate them at home in a healthy way.