🥇 ▷ 50 Examples of 【Subordinate Clauses】

The subordinate clausess are those that necessarily require the main clause to make sense. Its main function is to add additional information to the statement. With these examples of subordinate clauses you will learn more about its structure.

This type of sentence is probably the most complex of all. They belong to the category of compound sentencessince they have more than one verb and more than one predicate. They can also have an adverbial phrase, an adjectival phrase and a prepositional phrase.

These sentences do not make sense by themselves.

For example

In the sentence We will serve coffee as soon as we finish lunch.

The clause as soon as we finish lunch it is a subordinate, since it does not make sense in itself, for which reason it is linked by means of a nexus (as soon as). This subordinate expands the information on when the coffee.

Types of subordinate clauses

There are three types of subordinate clauses according to their syntactic function in the main clause. They are the following:

to. Noun subordinate clauses

They fulfill the function of nominal phrase with subject, attribute, object or direct complement and indirect or regime complement. They are generally preceded by conjunctions such as que, para, si, de que, a, por, etc. Example: I bought tickets to go to the cinema.

b. Adjective or relative subordinate clauses

They fulfill the function of qualifying or describing a nominal phrase acting as adjacent or complements. They are always linked by Relative Pronouns like that, to whom, whose (a), of which, where, how, etc. Example: Here is the site I told you about.

c. Adverbial subordinate clauses

They act as circumstantial complements, be it time, manner, place, etc. of the verb of the main sentence, for which they are linked to it by means of adverbs such as where, how, when, as much as, more than, etc. Example: I will show the drawing as soon as I finish it.

Examples of subordinate clauses

These examples of subordinate clauses explain in an understandable way the characteristics of this type of sentences.

Person that came yesterday complained about the service. Glory, how do you work hereyou can help us. with the ticket that I found I bought soft drinks. Building where Ramon lives it will be demolished. Shirt I like It is the most expensive. the food was delicious what did they prepare. The rain that fell yesterday Was strong. I was surprised when i heard that news. in the new store that opened in the corner they sell cheap. the boy left with their parents to home. Maria won a prize for first place. I’m very glad you came. I never imagined that I would find this surprise. On the table there are snacks. Juan, who works in the companyHe explained to us what happened.

Best subordinate clauses in Spanish

It’s so cold that the lake froze. This winery has wines excellent quality. It’s not worth arguing on the matter. The tree grew so big which is already higher than the house. I will wash the dishes when i finish dinner. We are very sorry for what happened. When the clock strikes twelvethe noises began to be heard. Carla can’t dance since he has a broken leg. Is incredible what happens in this city. I have to study to pass the exam. repairs will be paid with the money raised. They will build a building on that ground. we finally achieved calm down the kids. I arrived first so they served me quickly. I have not seen Rodrigo since he got that job.

More subordinate clauses

profits increased thanks to the new product. the bread is so good like freshly made. the glass broke crashing to the ground. The child will start school when I’m six years old. Laura was happy with the good news. My favorite food I always eat its’ the pizza. the bread is delicious if the dough is kneaded well. Everyone laughed as if nothing had happened. this is the key with which the door opens. The hen laid three eggs the present day. the butter melted because of the heat. We travel to China to visit the Great Wall. the food will be ready by the time they all arrive. I already managed to raise the money What do I need for the furniture?. the stars shine with great brilliance. the meat is cut with this knife. the sun is so hot that the sand burns the feet. the day is perfect to have a picnic. caught a cold for going out without a coat. I will call you when I arrive.