🥇 ▷ 50 Examples of 【✍ Consecutive Sentences】

The study of the subordinate clause according to the grammatical rules of a language it has multiple edges. Here are different examples of consecutive sentencesa very specific sentence category and frequently used in he oral language and written language.

What are consecutive sentences?

Consecutive sentences are those that express the result, effect or consequence of what is indicated in the main sentence through links.

The consecutive sentence is a kind of subordinate clause that uses a illative conjunction either consecutive conjunction (example: with what, then, then).

In the example “I’m not going to buy anything, so don’t insist”, the main sentence is “I’m not going to buy anything”, the consecutive sentence is “don’t insist” and the link is “so”.

This type of sentences is characterized by using a variety of consecutive linksas for example: hence, therefore, for what, thus, for such a reason, consequently, so that, so that, with that, then, so, so much that, among others.

A very particular feature of these sentences is that in most of the sentences the links can be interchanged and the meaning of the sentence is not altered.

For example:

I am writing a very long task, for that reason I have already used twenty pages of my notebook.

I am writing a very long task, consequentlyI have already used twenty pages of my notebook.

Here I give you a variety of examples of consecutive sentences.

Examples of consecutive sentences

The students have studied a lot. therefore they are tired. Today it is Sunday, consequently we must congregate You don’t study anything that’s why you have not approved I’m exhausted, hence I am going to rest. The teacher is sick For this he has not come today. The dentist pulled a tooth for me. that’s why it hurts me a lot. I have not eaten well so I’m hungry. I have eaten too much, therefore Now my tummy hurts. The wild animals are sated, that’s why now they rest peacefully. The paintings were removed from the museum, so that we could not observe them. We are hungry, so we will eat. I will organize my daily schedule, so that I can start enjoying my time. I will go to the cinema therefore I’ll turn off my phone. She was in a meeting therefore I couldn’t answer calls. It’s a town I don’t know so I have this map so I don’t get lost. I’m allergic to shrimp so that I will not eat them. I love that girl so that I’ll get him to talk. It doesn’t seem like a very quiet place. therefore I don’t plan on moving there. the class was so bored that I almost fell asleep. Is so high that to speak to him I have to raise my neck.

Other examples of consecutive sentences

The sun is so strong that at any time burn the plants. I’m lazy so I will not go to work today. He was so annoying that he almost exploded with anger. Sofia is so beautiful that When I saw her for the first time, I fell in love with her. This so in love that he already wants to get married. It’s already getting dark therefore be careful if you go for a walk. Was so happy with the news that He ran out to tell everyone. There was so much bustle that I couldn’t hear anything he said to me. Toward so much heat that I wanted to get into a pool. I want to go to the university, therefore I’m going to sign up for it. My computer broke that’s why I will have to buy a new one. I am saving to buy a new car, so I want to save money. Samuel had a fever that’s why He didn’t go to training today. He was taking psychotropics, for this reason could not consume alcohol. Everyone has arrived consequently We can go to the beach. She didn’t want to have more children. hence decided to take contraceptives. Friday is my best friend’s birthday. that’s why we will visit her I finished doing my homework therefore I can go out and play with my friends. The vase fell from the terrace, that’s why it broke. I’m sleepy, so I better go to sleep.

More examples of consecutive sentences

that product was so good that people were queuing up to purchase it in pre-sale. I did not answer almost anything in the exam, therefore I think I’m going to fail. She was indisposed so he did not go to school for several days. Elías and Raquel bought a new house, consequently they will be moving soon. Did so much cold during winter that my skin burned. The china fell off the shelf, for that reason it broke. The sun is intense therefore We must turn on the air conditioning. I like the color gray for this reason I have a lot of clothes of that color. It was very dark, that’s why I could not see anything. It’s an excellent book so I would read it a second time.