🥇 ▷ 50 Examples of【 Present Simple in English】

through these examples of present simple in english and Spanish, are ideal to start learning about english grammar.

The sentences in present simple in english They are one of the easiest to learn to formulate, since they respond to a very basic composition, as we will see with examples below.

Examples of present simple in English

The simple present, or simple present, presents us with a tense that is located in the present and that is useful to talk about what happens to our environment.

Let us remember that the basic formulation for these sentences has been “Subject + Verb + predicate”.

Being that it is one of the easiest grammars to learn, they are exemplified in a list below.

Carla likes sushi (Carla like the sushi) Stella eats a hamburger (Stella eat a hamburger) Bruno plays basketball (Bruno play basketball) Diana es beautiful (Dianna is beautiful) Frederick have you brown eyes (Federico has Brown eyes) Teresa have you two brothers (Teresa has two brothers) Emily es twenty years old (Emily has 20 years old) Item‘s too late to say sorry (Is too late to apologize) Yo A.M than my friends workshopAm taller than my friends) Veronica have you a garden (Veronica has a garden)

Positive sentences in simple present (Positive sentences in simple present)

When speaking in the first person in English, it is necessary to remember that our auxiliary verbs must end in an “S”, or “Es”, depending on which cupl is the case in articulate.

Robert You see it ice cream (Roberto loves the icecream my classmates are very nice (My classmates are very nice) the sky es blue (heaven is blue) Yo have to lollipop (Have a pacifier) Yo buy to book (Bought a book) you wear your boots (you saw your boots) hannah bakes a cake (Hannah bake a cake) Luke swimming in the pool (Lucas nothing in the pool) natalia wear her glasses (Nathalia uses his glasses)

Negative sentences in simple present (Negative sentences in simple present)

For their part, the negative sentences in English have a structure that slightly changes the rule applied in the previous examples, where an S is added at the end.

In this case, the formula changes and in addition to omitting the S, it is also propitious to understand that we will always have a “Don’t” or a “Doesn’t” accompanying us.

These are the words that you can use to deny a situation, as we can read below.

my sister doesn’t paint my nails (My sister I do not paint the ones) Amanda is not a farmer (Amanda it’s not a farmer) Nathaniel is not handsome (Nathaniel it’s not handsome) Nicole doesn’t jump in the bed (Nicole Do not jump in bed) my dog is not loud (My dog it’s not noisy) Victoria’s boyfriend is not mean (Victoria’s boyfriend is not mean.) Raúl doesn’t run fast (Raul not runs fast) Paola does not practice karate today (Paola does not practice karate today) Pedro’s friend is not called Jose (Pedro’s friend not called José) Este is not a pipe (This it’s not a pipe)

Questions in present simple

To make questions in english in present simple, there is an infallible trick to do them correctly. In this case we are going to invert the order between the subject and the verb.

Is Thalia mad? (Is Thalia angry?) Do you do your homework every day? (You do your homework everyday?) Are you hungry? (Are you hungry?) Is Virginia in the house? (Is Virginia in the house?) Is Larry here? (Is Larry here) Does Gregorio have the green book? (Does Gregorio have the green book?) Is the store open? (The store is open?) Does Lara listen to music? (Does Lara listen to music?) Is she in love with you? (Is she in love with you?) Does your mom drink coffee? (Does your mom drink coffee?)

More examples of simple present (More examples of simple present)

Mary have you new shoes (Mary has new shoes) are they in school? (They are at school?) We are a family (Are a family) Sarah sings a song (Sarah sings a song) Paul es a boy (Paúl is a boy) frames es my son (Marcos is my son) She is not my godmother it’s not My Godmother) Yo live in Japan (I alive in Japan) The cat es black (the cat is black) That T-shirt es old fashion (That t-shirt this old-fashioned)my pencil es in the backpack (My pencil this in the backpack)