🥇 ▷ 5 Examples of【 Board Games 】

The table games They are the perfect pastime to share with friends and family a pleasant and fun time. We offer you exclusively 5 examples of board games.

There are infinities of this type of pastime such as monopoly, dominoes, poker, one, risk, ludo, bingo, chessamong other games.

What are Board Games?

It is a type of entertainment that consists of a board, dice (on some occasions), tokens, coins, or cards, depending on the variant used.

For its part, it is considered that way, because they need a flat surface where they can develop each variant, specifically a table.

With respect to the rules, they are varied, they can participate from two members to more people, in addition, from individual or team games.

Board games are classified or grouped into categories ranging from dice, tokens, cards, boards, miniatures, escape, themed, and role-playing.

Taking into account the aforementioned, we will present 5 examples of the most common board games.

1. Dominoes

We begin the list of 5 examples of board games with one that is very popular in Latin America and that is dominoes.

This particular pastime consists of rectangular chips (tile or wood material) with black tips or pikes, divided into two squares, similar to dice.

Dominoes can be played individually or in pairs, having from two to a maximum of 4 members.

On the other hand, each domino box consists of 28 pieces, but there can be up to 100+ tiles (depending on the variant).

The game is distributed 7 to 10 chips and the couple or the person who plays the last chip wins or, failing that, locks or closes the game.

2. Monopoly

It is one of the most followed and preferred board games in the world, as well as being one of the most popular.

Monopoly tries to buy real estate through cards, in addition, to advance to each square through the roll of the dice.

It can be played with a maximum of 2 to 8 players, which will be determined by chips or figurines.

In the game there are penalties and rewards that will appear in the form of two groups of cards, called: communal chest or chance.

The game tends to be long, but fun, the player who maintains his economic stability and has bankrupted the other opponents wins.

3. Chess

Another of the ones that has the most followers in the world is without a doubt chess, there are even international competitions in this type of board game.

Chess comprises a board divided into 64 light and dark colored squares and 16 pieces that must be moved (depending on their functions).

The mobile pieces are 8 pawns, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 towers, a queen or queen and a king, distributed in black and white colors.

The game is played in pairs and each tile has a movement that goes from the side, perpendicular, frontal, in the shape of an ‘L’ or combined.

The game wins the one who manages to capture the king, which, this action is called ‘checkmate’ or end of the game.

4. Cards or cards

There are two versions of this popular board game in the cards category, which are divided into French, English or Spanish decks.

The French and English variant consists of 52 units, which are divided into 4 hands or suits, consisting of 4 figures (black or red): hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds.

It also consists of a letter called Ace (replacing the one) and other special ones called ‘J’ (jack or jack), ‘Q’ (queen or queen) and ‘K’ (king or king).

The card games They can come in variants to play bridge, poker, trick, blackjack, solitaire, among others.

Regardless of the variant, playing cards are one of the most popular board games in the world.


We close these examples of board games with ludo, this spectacular hobby very often, especially in Latin America.

Also, it is known as ludo or parkase, an original variant from the India.

The game consists of a board with four representative colors (blue, yellow, red and green), which can be occupied by between 2 and 4 members, in addition to a dice.

Each member must throw the dice and move according to the number they got in the throw.

A curious fact, this popular game was invented by the Hindus in the 6th century and is still valid today with numerous variants. Incredible!

5 other examples of board games

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