🥇 ▷ 30 Examples of 【Metaphors with Meaning】

Metaphors are a type of literary form that we can see in our day to day, being that they are part of our daily life. Discover 30 examples of metaphors with meaning.

Examples of Meaningful Metaphors

Although we often use metaphors in our daily lives or even see them constantly in the literature or in some songs, we don’t always fully understand them.

Examples of metaphors with meaning in songs

1. Chiquitita – Abba

“Chiquitita, tell me why your pain chains you today.”

When she says that she is chained by pain, she means that she is suffering a lot from emotional grief.

2. Roar – Katy Perry

“’Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar.”

This line represents your decision to show that your “roar”, that is, your voice, will be heard.

3. My world you – Camilo Sesto

“My world, you. My house, you My thought, my best moment, my truth, is you!”

sesto He shows us through this perfect example of a metaphor, how that person means everything to him.

4. Melina – Camilo Sesto

“And your gray eyes laugh again, Melina.”

We take another of the songs by Camilo Sesto as an example of metaphors in music. It refers to the fact that she notices the happiness in her eyes.

5. Hanging in your hands – Carlos Baute

“You know I’m hanging on your hands”

The metaphor expresses that you place your love and trust in that person.

6. Sit still, look pretty – Daya

“I don’t wanna sit still, look pretty.”

Along these lines, she expresses that she does not expect to be considered just a pretty girl, that she will not sit down and shut up because she is more than a “pretty face”.

7. The sea of ​​his eyes – Carlos Vives

“She makes me sail, in the sea of ​​her eyes.”

do you live has left us many metaphors in songs. When she says this, she means that she is so beautiful that she feels that she is lost in her gaze.

8. Sitting Here In My Soul – Chayanne

“Sitting here in my soul,

In my eyes and at my door,

Directing my motives, my victories and my wars.”

The Chayanne songs are full of similes and metaphors! In it, he refers to the fact that this sweet friend guides and accompanies him.

9. Tell him – David Bisbal

“I left her to conquer an illusion.”

In this case, he’s not talking about a literal illusion, he’s probably talking about a casual affair. metaphors have figurative sensesnot literal.

10. I see the light in you – Danna Paola and Chayanne

“She here, she looks like a star.”

In the context we have, we can understand that by comparing it to a star, it means that it looks beautiful.

11. Colors – Halsey

“Everything is blue.”

We can see one of metaphors in english most common, the use of colors as emotions. In this case, use blue to express sadness.

12. Jolene–Dolly Parton

“With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.”

By saying that he has ivory skin, he means that he has perfect skin.

13. La vie en rose – Edith Piaf

“Je vois la vie en rose”

again we see metaphors with colors. piaf He expresses that he sees life in pink, referring to the fact that he sees everything more beautiful.

14. Four Seasons – Guaco

“Our love lasted four seasons.”

guaco It has many beautiful songs, but especially in this one, written by Jesús Rizzo, there is an easy metaphor to understand. By saying this, he expresses that the relationship that lasted a year.

15. Found My Friends – Hayley Kiyoko

“Swimming deep in a pool filled with swirling thoughts”

One of the most recent songs of hayley kiyokohas an infinite number of metaphors, but in particular this quote.

She expresses that she feels like she is swimming through swirling thoughts, referring to how confused she is.

Examples of Meaningful Metaphors in Books

16. If you love me, love me whole – Dulce María Loynaz

“If you love me, don’t cut me, Love me all, or don’t love me!”

By asking me not to “cut her out,” she declares that she prefers to be loved just the way she is.

17. Wild Nights – Emily Dickinson

“I should be swamp, tonight in you”

dickinson It refers, with the metaphor of the swamp, the desire to be passion in the intimacy of her lover.

18. A disappointment – ​​Rosalía Castro

“Her beautiful eyes of heaven”

In this short verse, the writer is probably referring to blue eyes.

19. Mellifluous kisses – Isamar Baptista

“That stop their sight before the brown eyes.”

In this case, reference is made to the brown color of the eyes.

20. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

“Metaphors as monstrous as orchids.”

In this case, the author makes a comparison between the magnitude of a metaphor and the magnificence of an orchid.

21. Old Curiosity Shop – Charles Dickens

“The sun is weak when it first rises, and it gains strength and courage as the day progresses.”

In the case of this example of meaningful metaphors, Dickens refers to how sunlight becomes more intense.

22. David Copperfield, Charles Dickens

“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

This metaphor invites us to be more productive, explaining that leisure time does not exist, since it must be spent on useful things for the being.

23. Henry VI – William Shakespeare

“Fight until the last breath”

On this occasion, this metaphor means that he fights to the death.

24. The house of the spirits – Isabel Allende

“His amazing golden pupils.”

Again we talk about the color of the eyes, this time comparing yellow eyes with gold.

25. Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen

“Friendship is undoubtedly the best balm for pain.”

This phrase refers to how a good friendship is able to help us heal emotionally.

26. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories – Washington Irving

“Others will write from the head, but he writes from the heart.”

In this case, reference is made to the fact that others write from logic and intelligence, while he writes from emotion and sentimentality.

27. The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Milan Kundera

“Where the heart speaks, it is rude for reason to contradict it.”

By saying this, reference is made to the fact that when words of love are said, they should not be objected to by logic.

28. Noah’s Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

“You are a song, a dream, a whisper.”

On this occasion, a person is compared to impalpable things, referring to the positive that it brings to his life.

29. Today I miss you – Isamar Baptista

“Your curly halos of light curling over your forehead.”

In this quote, the author refers to the light curly hair of the speaker.

30. Your love is like the sea – Reinaldo de Fernández

“Your love is like the sea! Broad, extensive, infinite…”

In this couple of verses, Reinaldo de Fernández compares how much love he feels with the immensity of the sea.