đŸ„‡ ▷ 20 Examples of 【Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources】

The natural resources they come directly from the environment, without human intervention. Following are some examples of renewable and non-renewable resources.

What are renewable and non-renewable resources?

if you don’t know what is a perennial natural resourcewe tell you that it is renewed naturally and at a significant speed, also being called a “renewable natural resource”.

Thus, both the current and future generations are exempt from the risk of not having them.

On the other hand, non-renewable resources are those offered by nature, but cannot be replaced. There is a certain endowment, but when exhausted, there will be no for future use.

Here are some extraordinary examples of renewable and non-renewable resources for your learning.

Examples of renewable resources

1. Water

It is a fundamental natural resource for the life of all living beings inhabiting the earth. planet Earth. We speak of an energy supply, by the movements of the masses of water.

While is true that water is a renewable resource is limited. It is essential that you take good care of it, because the processes to purify it are very expensive.

2. Biofuels

Biofuels are products that make it possible to generate energy, obtained through alcohols derived from sugar cane or various seeds and plants.

3. Leather

It is inexhaustible and is widely used by people, as it is an option to produce clothing and other products.

4. Geothermal energy

This energy source is another inexhaustible resource, since it is produced from the high temperatures generated inside the planet Earth. Its magnitude is equivalent to solar energy.

5. Wood

The wood is obtained from the felling of trees.

Although it is renewable, felling cannot be compulsive because it can exceed the time it takes for the regeneration of this product, running the risk of scarcity.

6. Tides

These variations in sea level are a consequence of the force of gravitational attraction, and are renewable or inexhaustible.

7. Paper

Paper is a resource that can be easily renewed, so it could never be in short supply. It is obtained from wood and also by recycling it.

8. Agricultural products

These types of products such as corn, oranges, tomatoes or soybeans can be inexhaustible, as long as precautions are taken to avoid depleting the soil.

9. Sun

It is part of the most important energy resources, and is the most renewable and inexhaustible existing on our planet. For this reason, the use of the solar energy.

10. Wind

It is another essential natural resource as a source of energy and inexhaustible. It is possible to capture it through mills.

Examples of non-renewable resources

11. Groundwater

Although there are confined aquifers without recharge, groundwater deposits fall within the nonrenewable resources because they are limited.

They constitute deposits of very pure water, which have a fixed number and could be finished.

12. Coal

It is formed by the accumulation of plant remains at the bottom of deltas, lagoons or swamps. It is very polluting, because it emits twice as much carbon dioxide as oil. This is a energy mineral very important

12. Copper

It is a reddish metallic mineral that is obtained in metallic mineral deposits.

It works as raw material to make wires, cables and sheets.

13. Diamond

Diamond is another non-renewable natural resource, because it takes a long time to replenish or cannot be replenished at all.

14. Nuclear power

This type of energy comes from materials of mineral origin, which have unstable nuclei that lose energy.

15.Natural gas

Originating from the fermentation of organic matter accumulated among the sediments, natural gas is transported through pipelines and used in homes, industries, and thermal power plants.

16. Hydrocarbons

They are formed from prehistoric organic matter, subjected to intense conditions of absence of oxygen, pressure and temperature for millions of years.

Hydrocarbons were born inside the earth’s crust, and can be extracted by man. For example: oil.

17. Iron

Many people doubt whether Is iron renewable or nonrenewable?. Like other metals, iron is considered a limited non-renewable resource.

This is because it would take millions of years for it to form again.

18. Earth minerals

Either way, terrestrial minerals originated during eons of geological activity.

Both their extraction and their transformation take a small fraction of that time, which is why they are considered non-renewable resources.

19. Limestone

It results from the shell remains of marine animals subjected to high pressures and temperatures, although it can also be formed by dissolving calcium carbonate in water with CO₂.

20. Platinum

It is another of the metallic minerals present in the earth’s crust, naturally produced in rare concentrations.