🥇 ▷ 20【Examples of Predation】

Predation is fundamental in the evolutionary process of animals, taking into account that it is a competition between them to continue living and reproducing.

Those who participate in this biological system are called predator and preythe first hunts the second, taking all its organic matter and energy.

20 examples of predation the most feared animals!

Most of the examples of predation include the most feared animals of the jungle, seas and rivers.

1. The shark

The predatory animals and their prey They are well known in the sea, for example, the shark.

It hunts a large number of fish to survive and reproduce.

2. Leon, the king of the jungle!

The feared Lion, better known as “The King of the Jungle” is a predator of large animals such as buffaloes.

3. Snakes

having explained what is predatorwe mentioned the snakes that serve as prey for some birds, including the Falcon.


In general, the Jaguar feeds on the Red Deer.

5. Frog

There are many types of predationIn this case, we are in the presence of the commensalism because the predator benefits from its prey.

The frog is a predator of flies, beetles and butterflies.

6. Seal

Seals, although they may seem harmless, are predators of various types of fish.

7. Boar

It is the prey of feared species of the jungle kingdom such as the Tiger.

8. Bear

Here we leave you an example of predation, it is the Bear, predator of the Salmon.

9. Moose

They are prey to wolves.

10. Cat

The never ending story, in the best style of Tom and Jerry and a predator example for kids very easy to understand. The Cat since historical times has been a predator of the mouse.

11. The Jackal

In this case, we are in the presence of the predator of various types of birds, generally birds.

12. Hare

many wonder What organisms are prey? And this is an answer for that, the Hare, which is hunted by fast animals like the wolf.


Predator of species such as herons, however, it cannot protect itself from the Jaguar, which ends up being its predator.

14. American mink

The American mink is a small mammal but it manages to prevail as a predator of small fish.

15. Weasel

Within the desert predators we find the Weasel, which moves through these spaces, being a predator of rodents.

16. Mule Deer

We include as part of the predators the Mule Deer, who ends up falling before the big fangs of the Puma and being its prey.

17. Alligator

The Caiman is a predator of various types of fish.

18. European badger

It’s a mammal worm predator, which they use to feed and take their energy.

19. Wolf

Among other examples of predation we mention the Wolf, which marries several types of mammalslike the Elk.

20. African lion

Although we already mentioned the Lion as a great predator, in the case of the African native, it is a predator of zebras.

Know what types of predator there are

This is the correct way to classify predation:

to. Competence

As its name indicates, two living beings compete to access the same food resources in order to survive.

In this case, we are not only talking about animals, it also happens with plants that require nutrients from the earth and are debated for them.

A clear example of herbivorous predation.

b. Parasitism

He parasitism It means when a living being obtains the nutrients and energy of another species without having to kill it.

The intention of the predator is to leave the species alive to continue extracting its nutrients and energy.

c. Mutualism

The main characteristic of mutualism is that both species benefit from the predator-prey relationship.

Although it is for a certain time.

d. commensalism

He concept of commensalism refers that it is when one of the two species consumes the nutrients of the other, without the latter being affected.

Fun facts!

We are already reaching the end of this interesting encounter and I don’t want to do it without first leaving you with some super interesting data on predation.

In the predation process, the animals camouflage themselves, being able to change their color in order to avoid being captured by the predator. When camouflaged, they take the form of other resources that exist in the environment such as mountains, stones, small logs, among others.Predation is essential in the evolutionary process, according to experts, when the number of certain species is minimized, natural resources remain balanced.By maintaining a balance between species-resources, they are more likely to survive.