🥇 ▷ 15 Examples of 【Physics in Daily Life】

Every day, we carry out various activities that are normal in our home, work or recreation. Based on this statement, we will address examples of physics in everyday life.

The importance of physics in everyday life

Perhaps you will ask yourself, how important is physics or science in our daily lives? And for this question there are answers.

In the first place, without physics we could not carry out activities that characterize us on a daily basis, such as moving from one place to another, walking or simply moving an object.

Likewise, physics can participate in other areas of science, such as the manufacture of food, medicines or the action of electricity.

Taking into account how interesting and relevant this science For our chores, we present some examples of physics in everyday life.

Examples of physics in everyday life

1. Walking

The gravity It is a main element within physics and it is not for less, without it, we would be in serious complications when carrying out our activities.

For example, without gravity it would be difficult to walk or at least stay upright, since we would be floating or, in the worst case, we would not even move.

Therefore, walking requires the main laws of physics and in the generation of uniform line movement.

2. Activate the fan

Summer is coming and the first thing that comes to mind is turning on the fan and cooling off from the inclement weather in summer.

As simple as it may seem, physics is also involved and the fan performs a centrifugal movement where wind is generated through the force and speed of the blades.

For this reason, the laws of physics intervene again and this is a clear example, through the movement of centrifugation.

3. Turn on a light bulb

Likewise, the electric power it is also activated by physics, regardless of where this energy source comes from.

From placing a light bulb, the presence of electrical energy and the switch, various mechanisms participate simultaneously, which result in the white or yellow light of a light bulb or fuse.

4. Heat the water or heating

If, on the contrary, we are in a winter season and where the cold is the protagonist, heating is an ally to cope with low temperatures.

However, the heating It does not occur alone, but various processes are involved that may be different from each other, such as fire or electric current.

Regardless of the process in question, physics intervenes by raising the temperature of the liquid and generating heat in that very cold season.

5. Moving a heavy object

A typical example of the physics in our lifeis when we use force to move or transfer a heavy object from one place to another.

For this process to occur, you need to lift the object (mass) and apply force, which regardless of the factor, could move the body from one place to another.

6. Riding a bike

On the other hand, the practice of exercise is a matter of science and riding a bicycle allows us not only to keep fit or lose weight, but also to use the laws of physics.

For the process to occur, the muscles and skeleton of the human body, force and, of course, the centrifugal movement of the wheels or rims participate.

7. Wash clothes in a washer and dryer

In the same way, it happens with clothes, when we put them in the washing machine and put them to dry in a dryer, there, the elements of physics are applied in a matter of minutes.

8. Sterilize medical implements

As for medicine, physics has its relationship and it happens when medical implements are sterilized so that they can be reused.

To do this, the reusable implements are placed in a centrifugal machine, which causes heat with its rotating movement, which is capable of killing germs.

9. Refrigerate food

With respect to food, the laws of physics also participate and instead of heating, it can be cooled through the refrigerator.

Therefore, food remains preserved and does not go into putrefaction, while the refrigerator produces exhaust gases. condensation and humidity.

10. Manufacture products

Now, in specialized work, such as in factories or industries, physics participates and without it, we could not obtain anything from medicines, food, accessories and stop counting.

Other examples of physics in everyday life

11. When throwing a ball

On the other hand, physics in recreation and leisure is also the protagonist and as an example, we refer to when we throw a ball or ball.

In this way, apply force, motion and gravity in a single action. Incredible!

12. A falling object

Isaac Newton he applied the law of universal gravitation, but by observing a fruit fall from a distance.

Therefore, a bush or plant when its fruits mature, they fall and gravity is applied in a simple movement.

13. Nuclear power

The following is one of types of energy that is known in the world and one of the most dangerous, due to the devastating effects of not being applied properly.

Although it is true, it is one of the cleanest electricity generators, also, if there are human errors, it can cause serious consequences.

In order for the nuclear energythe elements of physics and chemistry participate simultaneously, generating electricity and even weapons.

14. The rains

In the same way as heat or cold, rain is a typical representation of physics in everyday life, through the various processes of humidity.

15. Environmental pollution

Lastly, the pollution causes physical changes in the environment and is produced through the action of chemical elements and physics.

In conclusion, physics participates and is the protagonist of our life, and without it, it would be impossible to coexist.