ūü•á ‚Ė∑ 15 Examples of „ÄźDigital Communication„ÄĎ

The digital communication or digitized form part of our daily life, just as it happens with conventional and physical communication.

Usually this is a connection that is created through media that transform information into digitized data.

Currently, there are several examples of digital communicationmany of them frequently used without us being aware of it.

What is understood as digital communication?

Understanding the concept of digitized communication is easy, since it is seen at every moment and place in the current era. It is the one that is transmitted by digital media; through sounds, images, videos, words, etc.

Thanks to this transformation, its scope, coverage and update is much broader, compared to the conventional one.

Plus, it gives people a lot more options to express their message; either on a television, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Differences with printed communication

The main difference between digital and printed communication It can be quite obvious: while the first is appreciated through a screen or sound device, the second is through a merely printed medium.

However, it also differs in the following aspects:

Live presentation.Expiry time.Physical coverage.Update range.worldwide diffusion.Access to information.

That is, in the digital media there are almost no limits, except for language and internet access, sometimes. While the printed ones are more limited.

Examples of digital communication

Now, around us we have several examples of digital communication which are pretty obvious; as there are others that are more difficult to appreciate. Let’s see what they are:

1. Social Networks

Those places on the net where people share their experiences, interests and tastes every day.

Its main objective is the active communication between people, although in recent times communication is passive.

Currently, you can also participate in groups with specific interests or in digital markets.

2. Videos

On the net there are videos of all kinds, from musicals to documentaries. All of them seek an objective: to communicate a message visually/auditly.

Video calls also fall into this category, since they are a form of active communication through smart devices.

3. Audio

Any type of audio where one or more people speak is considered a form of digitized communication.

Also including voice calls, where two or more people talk without having to see or touch each other.

4. Email

Although the email it’s more of a channel communicationis considered as the way in which printed cards have become digital.

5. Websites

From blogs to landing pages, these are other common examples of the digitization of information, and they help to spread it very easily.

6. Announcements

Many companies use them to promote themselves online, and they are the way in which brochures and flyers have evolved.

In general, they are immersed in social networks, web pages and mobile phone applications.

7. Presentations

Although they have now evolved into videos, previously they were linear and digital slides that explain some type of information.

8. Forums

Similar to the groups of social networksare designed to open discussions discussion on topics that are of interest to the participants.

In some cases, it is used to transmit data and knowledge between participants.

9. Video games

Despite being designed to entertain, and even educate, the truth is that video game they also function as digital means of communication.

Some players use them to communicate with people in other countries and regions.

10. Online education

The era of digitization has also arrived at the educationspecifically with virtual classes.

Currently, there are various sites that teach languages ‚Äč‚Äčor that are designed to train professionals in a specific area.

11. Banks

Bank platforms are digital means of communication that allow customers to communicate with their bank, without having to go to the branch.


The most used and sometimes undervalued form of digital communication; today, everyone with access to the internet and a smart device communicates through chats.

They can even maintain linear communication with an artificial intelligence bot.

13. E-Books

The e-books They are the evolution of printed books, and can be found in different reading formats (pdf, epub, etc.).

14. Images

They differ from the Photographs printed in that they are designed in bits, a unit of digital data.

Although the images are similar to the photographs, the truth is that they offer many more customization options.

15. Virtual reality

Finally, we have virtual reality, a world that offers us the digitization of everything around us, including ourselves.

So, it can be said that several of these examples of digital communication are found in people’s daily lives; especially those who try to communicate with people who are out of their physical reach.