🥇 ▷ 15【 Examples of Moral Values】

The examples of moral values They function as norms and/or customs of families, communities or groups that define the correct way to act.

They help to differentiate what is right from what is not, thus knowing if the way of proceeding is correct or not the most appropriate, according to the values.

Examples of moral values ​​in society

1. Respect

It is based on other values ​​such as loyalty and tolerance, it helps to have a greater empathy with other people and to show consideration and appreciation.

Everyone must treat each other with respect to live in a world with harmony and equality.

2. Be fair

Applying justice allows maintaining peace in society, that is, giving each one what corresponds.

For example, pay the salary that corresponds to each worker, give the same treatment to everyone equally.

3. Act honestly

Honesty is extremely important to earn the trust of society.

As? If you are walking and notice that someone has dropped their money, it is an act of honesty to tell them and return it.

4. Loyal

It means that someone can count on us at all times, good or bad.

We are loyal by supporting our family or friends in difficult times.

5. Solidarity

It means providing support to someone who has a difficulty, even if it does not affect us.

For example, by giving food to someone who is having financial problems and has no way to eat.

6. Fidelity

It’s one of the moral and ethical values most precious, it is about the commitment you have with someone or some belief.

The most common example is in marriage, when the couple swears to be faithful, respect each other, always speak the truth.

7. Be tolerant

Although not all of us have the same beliefs, tastes or preferences, we must be tolerant to maintain respect and healthy coexistence.

This means accepting opinions or respecting the tastes of others, even if we do not agree.

It does not mean that we must act as imposed on us, it is only respecting the way of thinking of third parties.

8. Be kind

By doing activities that denote generosity and with the aim of helping others, we are complying with the examples of moral values.

This means reaching out and volunteering to help when someone else needs us.

9. Have compassion

Similar to empathy, it means feeling another person’s problems as if they were our own and thus understanding how we can help.

A example of compassion at home it is to help our parents to take out the garbage or tidy up the house.

10. Behave properly

This value is known as rectitude and means that someone behaves correctly in every way.

In addition, he is a fair person who acts consistently, honestly.

A sample of this are those public officials who do not fall into acts of corruption.

11. Humble

A person who acts modesty It is one that understands its limitations (economic or physical) and accepts them without recriminating anything.

For example: knowing that you don’t have a lot of money to buy what you want, but rather something similar, but at a lower cost.

12. Gratitude

In the list of moral values Gratitude is found, this means being grateful to everything that surrounds us, including ourselves.

A way to raise self-esteem and improve our emotional state.

13. Equity

Equity and equality are also examples of moral values, both contribute to equal opportunities in society.

It helps us to act with greater respect and to have a fairer world, where everyone, without distinction, obtains the same benefits.

14. Persevering

Even if not everything turns out as expected, being persevering is key to reaching the goal. success.

Have you just started a business? Are you trying to lose weight? Keep trying, don’t give up, at some point you will reach your goal.

Therefore, there is a saying that says “He who perseveres wins”.

15. Brave

Courage means doing everything safely.

It is to act with perseverance and trust in ourselves, thus better facing adversity.

What are the most important moral values?

This depends on the cultural context where they come from.

to. personal

The values ​​that a person acquires individually, on their own.

b. relatives

Those that are transmitted from generation to generation and are the basis of family education.

c. religious

Those that a person preaches according to the type of religion to which it belongs.

d. ethical

The types of moral values include ethical or professional, these govern the professions.

For example, the one that doctors have to save lives or that of lawyers to always defend the truth.

and. democrats

They are the ones who maintain a political system based on democracy and the freedom from town.