đŸ„‡ ▷ 12 Examples of 【Assertive Communication】

The assertive communication is related to the empathy concept. The fundamental essence of this practice is to issue messages from a comprehensive position, combining the appropriate words and gestures, to provide a response that encourages healthy interaction.

It is appropriate to highlight that many times you want to send a message and the understanding of the receiver perceives it with distortion.

This phenomenon arises precisely because the information to be broadcast does not match the attitude adopted, the gestures, words and expressions of the person.

Most common examples of assertive communication

This constitutes a fundamental base for the world, acting as the main element for the exchange of ideas or opinions among its members. Its processes are vital for interaction and coexistence among human beings.

It is prudent to mention that in addition to this type of communication, there are also other formats such as aggressive and passive. However, there are some examples in relation to assertive communication.

1. Annoyance due to labor abuse

When an employee feels that he is doing more than his share, this creates discomfort in him.

By raising this situation, the problem can become larger or can be corrected at the moment. To a large extent this will depend on the type of message you choose to use.

2. Neighbor blocks the way

Problems with the neighbors are the order of the day, since coexistence is not easy all the time.

Blocking the passage generates discomfort for the rest of the passers-by, but when raising this concern, assertive ways guarantee better results.

3. Cold coffee

Everyone at some point has experienced this case or similar ones. As always, the posture and the gestures are part of the message that is to be transmitted.

The cafeteria may be able to rectify the error without the need for a merriment related to the fact.

4. Unjustified advantage in line

This event usually causes a lot of discomfort on the part of those affected.

However, there is a way to attract attention and get them to respect each other’s place without incurring unpleasant episodes. The imposition of clear rules is essential for everything to work.

5. Request for review

When a submission of any kind is made, based on extensive research, and it fails to achieve the expected grades without explanation, you have the elements to request a new review. This takes place at school, university and even in the workplace.

The teacher or the person who serves as a guide in the tasks can correct the mistake made when reviewing the work. In addition, he would have the opportunity to explain in detail where the flaws in the student’s presentation were.

6. Coworker is late every day

Apart from the fact that he does not comply with the work described at the time of his hiring, the fact that he arrives late affects the work of others, since they acquire the additional workload. These situations must be handled very carefully, so as not to generate extra problems.

7. There is no collaboration in housework

This situation is annoying for many housewives, since they think that if each member of the family, including the husband, will help with the housework, their load would be lighter.

Likewise, the case in which the wife is not a housewife is also presented, on the contrary, she also has work commitments outside the home. This means that she has the same hours and workload as her partner, so responsibilities should be balanced.

8. Son does not fulfill his homework at school

Many children or adolescents do not pay enough attention to classes and also do not comply with their school obligations, this due to various distracting elements, such as electronic devices or video games.

In this sense, parents are recommended to approach the situation intelligently. They must use this type of communication, since by adopting a position of claim and annoyance they can arouse more rebellion in the minor.

9. Employee does not fulfill his duties

When a company is hired, however small or large it may be, the required functions are made clear in a description of the position to be filled.

Many times the tasks described in this agreement are not performed by the employee.

At this point, the employer has the right to request that all the functions described above be fulfilled. Using a proper posture, words that involve a solution and no more problems, will be key to the harmonious outcome of the situation.

10. You do not feel attention from your family

The father spends the day working and with occupations of all kinds, when he gets home he expects his family to welcome him with love and ask him how his day was or if he needs anything.

Contrary to this, your children are immersed in the digital world, with friends or in social gatherings. When expressing their disagreement, it would be ideal to provide a message with empathy and love, making them participants in their feelings.

11. Lack of support from parents

Faced with various situations, a young man requests support from his parents. The goal is to play sports at a professional level, but the parents only postpone the promise of helping him prepare in that field.

It is there when the interested party decides to have a serious conversation with their parents. The tonality, gesticulation and the words that he uses determine to a great extent the way in which his parents receive the message.

12. Problems with friends

When witnessing that a person as close as a friend is making bad decisions that will undoubtedly bring consequences, it is opportune to have a conversation with assertive communication, which helps him come to his senses.