🥇 ▷ 12【 Examples of Diversity】

All things have an essential characteristic: the difference. The world is diverse, and so that you can see it more clearly, today we are going to share these 12 Examples of diversity.

The diversity It is understood as a plurality of elements different from each other: people, animals, objects, situations, others. In general, this is a characteristic of the world, and of life.

If we realize, we live within a cluster of elements where the different predominates over the similar. And this, precisely, is what makes life interesting.

But, let’s not go around the matter any more and let’s go to what we came to. Look at these 12 examples of diversity that will help you understand this concept more easily.

12 Examples of diversity to better understand its definition

Below, we present a list of examples in which diversity is revealed, in its maximum expression. We hope you enjoy it, and take advantage of it.

1. Meals

In gastronomy we find a wonderful sample of diversity. Have you ever thought about the variety of foods that exist according to each country, region or culture?

Hopefully! we could try them all, in order to expand our knowledge about the world, and also verify, for ourselves, other tastes and preferences.

The truth is that if you read the menu of a restaurant, go to a supermarket, or take a walk through the fair of any shopping center, you will appreciate the diversity that we tell you about.

2. Music styles

This is another of the examples of diversity that most attracts our attention, the variety of styles of music that exist, depending on the place and name in which it is produced.

Like many other things, music has been diversifying into different categories. Today, we enjoy everything from African-Caribbean styles to rock and classical music, to name just a few.

3. Sports

Given the different abilities and physical skills that exist, different types of sport have been created. There are aquatic, team, table, extreme and even mental.

Sports diversity is a great example of plurality.

4. Languages

What better example of diversity than the variety of languages ​​in the world.

It is impressive, the capacity that the human being has had to expand the language, and to be able to communicate according to their circumstances and their lifestyle.

The diversity of languages ​​is –directly– related to the number of cultures that are present in different parts of the world.

5. Ethnicities

The previous example also leads us to this other relevant one, and in which a clear diversity of the human race can be appreciated: ethnic groups.

A ethnicity It is a group of people who make life within a community, sharing the same language, and the same customs, typical of their culture.

Currently, there are thousands of ethnic groups scattered throughout the world, with quite diverse thoughts and lifestyles.

6. Religion

religious diversity It is more evident every day, and it has been expanding throughout the world, according to the different civilizations that have emerged.

Today, we can mention at least 4 types of religions with a large number of followers: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and even atheism.

7. Sexual orientation

Just as they have done with music, religions, gastronomy, and other things, human beings have manifested different types of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Generally speaking, the sexual diversity It is classified into: homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality. And gender identity in: Transgender, transsexual, cisgender, and third gender.

8. Ways of life

As you can imagine, there are also various forms of terrestrial life, and perhaps in other planets But that’s another matter entirely.

The truth is that the earth is inhabited by different living beings: human beings, animals, plants, bacteria, and others; and, each of these develops a different way of living.

9. Ecosystems

An ecosystem is the physical environment in which a group of living beings develop and interact.

These are the types of ecosystem that exist: Aquatic, terrestrial, hybrid, microbial.

10. Forms of government

Since human beings decided to organize themselves into civilizations, they have established different forms of self-regulation.

These are some of the forms of government that have been seen: monarchy, aristocracy, democracytyranny.

11. Conduct

Each person performs a series of actions, which reflect their adaptation and manageability of the environment; We call this behavior, and as we will see, there are different types: passive, aggressive, assertive, among others.

12. Emotions

The human being is a set of pluralities and contradictions; For this reason, there is nothing strange in that it manifests different types of moods.

Here, we mention some of the most relevant emotions Human: Joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, aversion, among others.