🥇 ▷ 100 Examples of 【Disyllables】

The disyllabic They are words made up of a pair of syllables. With these examples of disyllables you will understand the importance of these types of words.

The disyllables are those words that are composed of two syllables, one stressed and one unstressed. They can have more than four phonemes.

This is the first type of words according to the number of syllables that is classified according to stress.

It is one of the most common syllabic quantities in words of the Spanish language. There are numerous nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs which are disyllabic.

The accentuation in the two syllables

As mentioned above, disyllables have one stressed syllable and one unstressed. And it should be accentuated according to the spelling rules.

Disyllabic words can be serious, that is, with accent prosodic on the penultimate syllable; or acute, with the prosodic accent on the last one.

However, they can never be esdrújulas, since they do not have the penultimate syllable. This type of stress is applied to trisyllables onwards.

Remember that grave words are accented only when they end in any consonant other than “n” or “s” or a vowel.

The acute ones are accented only if they end in a vowel, “n” or “s

The gaps in the disyllables

Disyllables can admit hiatuses of all types: closed vowel with open, open with closed, two closed or two open. Examples: water, earth, fire, etc.

Sometimes there can be confusion, since there are disyllables formed by diphthongs which can be pronounced as hiatuses according to speech, making them disyllabic. For example: pie pi-e and good bu-en.

In turn, the hiatus of two-syllable words can be reduced to diphthongs according to some dialects or ways of speaking. This is also known as syneresis, a device used in poetry.

The rules of accentuation in hiatuses must be followed in the same way as in words with a greater number of syllables.

How are disyllables separated?

Disyllables have two syllables, one of which may have a diphthong. In the same way the last vowel of the first syllable and the first of the following can form hiatus.

If one of the syllables has a diphthong, it must be separated with all the vowels of the diphthong. such as: air air-re, town town-blo.

In the event that the two syllables form a hiatus, one vowel must be separated from the other, that is, each vowel in one syllable. An example of this would be: guide guide-a, river river-o.

In the same way, if they are compound syllables, that is, they end in consonants, they must always be separated with their respective consonants. For example: alma alma, Blanco blanco.

Best examples of disyllabic words

Here are some significant examples of disyllables that will explain in detail how these words are formed and how they are separated into syllables correctly.

Water water wing a-la I love to-mo a-ro hoop Ave a-ve soul soul haunch haunch Angel Angel Bow bow gun gun bullet ba-la bucket bucket ship ship-co base base Enough, enough Beautiful beautiful Kiss Kiss beast beast-tia mouth mouth wedding bo-da

Examples of separate disyllables

ball bo-la bun bun-llo bonus bo-no delete delete boot boot buoy buoy Good good bulge bulge donkey donkey diver diver White White panty panty-ga arm arm-arm brief brief flange flange breeze breeze brioche brooch bronze brooch haze haze gross gross

Examples of disyllables in Spanish

box box Street street Calm Calm Bed bed truck truck channel channel cannon cannon cape cape car car-car letter letter-letter cardboard cardboard House House caste caste-caste case case cot cot riverbed riverbed rubbers rubbers Hunt-hunt cedar cedar eyebrow eyebrow

Other examples of disyllabic words

dinner dinner wax wax-ra Cerro ce-ra caesar caesar scepter scepter Cyrus ci-ro tail tail coma coma box box given given-do finger de-do I said said-said dodo do-do donut donut dome do-mo doubt du-da axis e-axis She she euro eu-ro fail fail

More disyllabic words

Fine thin seal seal source source claw claw Cat Cat sparrow sparrow fairy ha da hawk-hawk ice ice-lo Hello hello igloo i-gloo wrath wrath vase-vase jewel jewel kilo ki-lo Pencil pencil Lion Lion Hand hand cream na-ta left-handed left-handed