🥇 ▷ 100 Examples of 【 Acute Words 】

In Spanish we can find that words can be classified according to the location of the accent mark. Next, you will find here a total of 100 examples of sharp words.

Being able to notice that the acute words are those that are stressed on their last syllable, causing the strong sound to be at the end of the word.

Among this classification of words, the acute ones are usually the easiest to identify, since when seeing a accent in the end, we already know automatically that it belongs to this category.

What are sharp words?

As for what what are sharp words In itself, it really is very easy to understand once we get the hang of it.

First of all, we must understand what is a stressed syllablebecause it is here where the key resides to identify if a word is acute or belongs to some other category.

You see, a tonic syllable is the one in which the strongest sound hit resides in a word, which may or may not have an accent as such.

Now that we know this, we can then understand why some words that are classified as acute do not have textually but are said to have prosodic accent and not spelling.

Examples of sharp words

I have a ball yellow which is new My dad He gets along well with my friends. I drink coffee black in the morning virginia lives in Paris since last year. You can not go out from home tonight. Carla had a problem with him. engine of your car. Today I feel like a juice lemon. Marta and her sister play chess. HE broke the glass vase The publication of the books was a success. You I will ask permission to the boss to be absent. My mother her name is Elena. You promised to Lucy that would not be missing.Here It’s where Amanda and I met-Are very sick, you have a fever. The meeting end of term was a disaster. HE case with his true love.I wrote a long essay on this subject.Read your latest novel and it’s fantastic. This is exactly my color favorite.

Examples of sentences with acute words with tilde

HE stained Of paint. let the action. It’s a doubloon of pure gold. He knows how to play the accordion.touched the guitar for us.I thought that you were religiousunderstood all without problems.released a humorous laughDomino the art of arabic danceBesides I didn’t want to interrupt. matthew pushed from the chair to make him fall. He slide of the park was broken.Also She told me she would be busy today. This girl be very successful. That accident was my perdition. Marcela I speak very good of you Camila has a severe addiction to sugar. Is a equation very difficult math.I solved my dilemma when discussing it with the therapist. The puppy is scared because of the thunder

Examples of acute words with orthographic accent

Carlos already told me counted all.acted in a very unusual way. The dog barked so loud that everyone got scared. A thief He was captured by the police this afternoon.Passed some time in the hospital. Fairly So It’s how I planned everything to happen. My son drawing a smiling sun for your task. Really killed magic by explaining the trick to us. HE absent a few days off work. It imitated so good that he thought he was Elvis Presley himself. This was a thorough expedition. HE term sorry for what he said. I saw a lion huge in the zoo. I i dreamed with you last night He baby she was crying all afternoon. Already arrive the teacher Laura.I prepared the suitcases to travel tonight.I searched a nearby beach for us to visit. Mario raised hand in class

More sharp word examples

The student exemplified perfectly. He clock It kept ringing this morning. had an attack on heart at night. You must improve your diction with these exercises. This is one institution private. He was diagnosed with a deep depression. study German at the school he attends. Myself i personalized my folder with drawings His presentation it was downright flawless. HE shed all the water on the table. Is he better speech. HE presented in the theater. Gabriela saved your distance. whatThat how do you feel? the music that endured in the time. Only juice with your feelings To see it I cry disconsolately which Magdalena. She proved be able to do anything you set your mind to. In Peru there is excellent food that you should try sometime. you took your own decision and you must take responsibility now.

The best examples of sharp words

The secretary of the office notified to the boss about the matter. carolina counted her secrets to her best friend. Eduardo betrayed my confidence by lying to me like that.Change fully up when she left. No got what I was looking for in the closet. In the manuals specific what is the correct measurement.I broke up in tears knowing it. That ruined my plans completely. Mary will surprised much with the news. Pedro singing very good last night She love his christmas giftHill the curtains to keep out the light. This is my song favorite.Leave my cell phone on the table This mug is yellow.I look to heaven in wonder.I will count everyone the truth she me fell in love with that look Lauren se turned in the woman of my lifelearned to love me with my imperfections.