🥇 ▷ 100 Examples of【 Nouns in English】

The study of the english grammar is crucial for the understanding of the language itself, so with these examples of nouns in english You will expand your vocabulary.

meet several nouns in this language is something that will help you expand your English vocabulary and to be able to express yourself better when speaking with people who are English speakers.

A quick tip, remember that many Words in English They are not pronounced the same as how they are written, so remember to take great care of your pronunciation and practice saying them out loud.

Examples of nouns in English

Nouns in English can be used in different ways in sentences, but it is necessary to learn how to use them correctly, as well as to differentiate when they are used as a noun and when they are not.

Here are some excellent examples of sentences in english with nouns. Seeing these words in sentences will help you improve your grammar and writing in English. Let’s do it!

Various examples of English nouns

These are some sentences with common nouns in english that will help you have fluent conversations.

This is an Manzana. That’s her age It is an animal. What a pretty baby! The answer is correct. Everything is art. The bank is close tomorrow. That’s too much blood! That girl is brave. My hair is a mess. My new hat. should the grass be greener? Buy a dictionary. That day was awesome. My cow give is healthy. Please open the door. you are smart. My beds is comfortable. The green ball is mine. Don’t forget your Bill.

Examples of nouns in English: Negative

Know negative sentences in english It helps us to know how to formulate sentences correctly.

Don’t break the glass. Don’t let the bird go. Don’t stop I now. Didn’t you cry? Don’t read that books. Don’t bully me brother. Don’t feed the fishes. Don’t forget about the meeting. Don’t open the box. Don’t make that call. Don’t have money enough. That’s not the capital. Don’t talk to that boy. Don’t swim in the lake. This isn’t my case. Never disturb an angry cat. Don’t lose the chance. Don’t forget about looking for the children today. Don’t take me to the hospital. Don’t scream in the library.

Examples of nouns in English: Passive Voice

Something very common in the literature is the use of Passive Voiceis usually seen above all in poetry and it is important to know how to use it correctly.

The piano is being played. The child you have been screaming. The church was founded. The colors were used by her. The direction was indicated by them. The classes has been perfectly taught. The games you have been lost. My home was painted. My heart has been broken. The hole was made by the dog.

Examples of nouns in English: Affirmative

The affirmative sentences in English They are usually easy to formulate.

The dog is happy. That’s my horse. home is my favorite place. Ice is cold. That’s the idea. pests are annoying That’s my favorite song. there is an inches. Let’s travel to the islands. Looking for a new job. Learn a second language. Crazy for this guy. That’s a broken bones. There’s an insect. tell me a lies. it’s my life. Turn on the Light. Cross the lines. Repair the computer. just a man.

Examples of nouns in English: Question

In the questions in English the sentences are conjugated differently.

Is that a chicken? where is the market? what’s a map? Isn’t this why we came? drink you milk? where is Lauren? A.M Yo listening that? Did the cup break by itself? what’s a note? are they here?

More examples of nouns in English

kissed woman. The Wifi doesn’t work. going to the beach. This is my office. wear oil for cooking. Break the old letters. Don’t touch the fire. Call to your aunt. Write a long paragraph. Fall in love in the park. what’s the problem? That’s not a question. Turn off the radio. Give me a ring. Fishing in the river. go to the schools. Throw a rock. Only God knows. Walking in the sand. Care your skin.