🥇 ▷ 10 Examples of 【Patience】

It turns out to be one of the virtues and values more difficult to apply, therefore, we show the best examples of patience to put it into practice in our daily lives.

What is patience?

We can say that the patience is a virtue consisting of bearing with resignation misfortunes, work, offenses, etc., without regretting.

The word patience is of Latin origin, it comes from the verb “pati” which means “to suffer”, therefore, patience is reflected when a person silently endures unpleasant situations.

According to the philosopher and scientist, AristotlePatience is that which allows the individual to overcome the emotions strong generated by misfortunes or afflictions.

Patience shapes our personality

By virtue of this, it can be said that patience is linked to the mature, educated and humane personality of a human being.

Since it empowers the human being to be attentive, know how to listen, speak and be careful in each of the actions and decisions to be taken.

It’s not easy though develop patience on all occasions and, more so today, that the individual is harassed with duties and chores.

Plus the daily stress caused by traffic, economic, political and social chaos, among other causes.

For this reason, it is very important for the human being to develop patience as the ability that the individual possesses to face adversity with tenacity and without regrets.

In the same way, patience also refers to delivery and calmness in things that are greatly desired.

Other definitions

Patience, on the other hand, indicates the slowness and delay in the execution of something, of a goal.

Consequently, the act of being patient means being persevering in relation to something that does not have a date to materialize.

In relation to this situation, there are multiple examples, such as in order to have a beautiful garden, each step must be done with patience.

A value to grow

patience is a value positive aspect of the human being that must be present in all human contexts.

In order to better face the problems that may arise to reflect and take the best position.

Likewise, along with patience, other virtues develop, such as tolerancehe I respectthe perseverancethe calmthe serenityamong others.

That allows the individual to take control and be able to overcome all the obstacles that arise every day.

On the other hand, the word patient is an adjective that indicates a person with patience or does things with patience.

The patient person is linked to peace, calm, tolerance and perseverance, characterized by knowing how to wait and take things calmly.

It is one of the most beautiful and most necessary values ​​for society.

10 simple examples of patience

Next, we make a list with the 10 simplest examples of patience to know how to apply them in our family life, at work, school, or at any time.

Andrés went on a trip, and he must be patient to see his girlfriend again. I want to graduate now, but I know I have to be patient. Ismael is desperate, he wants to have dinner now, but he has to wait. Arturo has endured a lot of abuse from his boss. Maria hopes to one day marry a good boy. The line is very long, you must be patient. The internet is very slow, you must be patient. I want to buy it, but I have to wait until my fortnight. We must wait patiently for the end of the pandemic. Your baby is just a few months away from being born, don’t despair.