🥇 ▷ 10 Examples of【 Raw Material】

The essential resources are those that allow us to produce products or articles that are useful or essential. Therefore, next we will expose the best raw material examples.

What is the raw material?

It is a resource that has an animal, vegetable or mineral origin, which is used for other purposes such as obtaining materials for consumer goods.

Other raw material definitionis the resource that is obtained from another material, whether of animal, vegetable or other products, which are applied for the construction of articles or goods.

Examples of raw material and its characteristics

1. Water

This renewable natural resource It is one of the raw materials used for the production of consumable goods.

For example, from water you can make drinks, medicines, infusions, ointments, creams and even prepared foods, ready for consumption.

Undoubtedly, water is not only a vital resource for the existence of the planet and its inhabitants, but also in obtaining fundamental elements in the production of food and other items.

2. Wood

The wood is obtained from trees such as cedar, lemon verbena, oak, apamate, among others, which, when processed, can become a primary material.

Therefore, this resource allows the elaboration of products that serve as ornament in the design and constitution of the home.

In this way, items such as furniture, shelves, shelves, rocking chairs, TV stands and ornaments can be obtained from wood.

In turn, this resource allows the production of paper, which is fundamental in academic and handicraft products.

For the wood to be processed, master carpenters or carpentry experts are needed, a specialty that facilitates the production of products derived from this raw material.

3. Wool

On the other hand, wool is obtained from sheep, and it is a resource in the textile area or in the production of fabrics, blankets and other items for personal use.

In fact, like cotton, they are processed by specialized textile machinery and from there, they are transformed into articles or clothing, specifically winter clothing.

4. Oil

The hydrocarbons They are part of the examples of raw material and this vital resource works in the productive and economic apparatus of a nation that depends on oil.

Therefore, oil can lead to other consumer products such as diesel, plastic processing, fuel, motor oil, and so on.

Without this precious resource known as ‘black gold’, the production of gasoline and other products that facilitate automotive activity could not exist.

Likewise, some plastics are processed and derived from hydrocarbons, especially oil.

The same happens with the construction of road materials, highways and sidewalks, which can be made using asphalt, a petroleum product.

5. Steel

This product has various functions ranging from building materials, castings and alloys to other metal chemical components.

For example, steel derives from iron and can also be an insulator for this chemical component, which facilitates the production of materials and other resources.

Handles, fuses, circuits, fences, beams, brass, plates and other construction products and even household appliances can be made from steel.

6. Meat

On the other hand, not only are the materials suitable for construction use mentioned, but also those of animal origin that are consumables.

Animals are part of the food chain and are products that contain minerals, vitamins, nutrients and elements for the proper functioning of the human body.

In this way, without animal meat, life would not exist and the food chain would only be based on plant nutrients, which must be complementary.

Consequently, meat contributes nutrients in the elaboration of new cells and in the development of muscles, bones and other tissues.

7. Cotton

This primary material is obtained from plants and flowers, where the resource is used in the manufacture of fabrics.

Consequently, cotton is a raw material used in personal items such as clothing, winter accessories, as well as medical utensils.

In fact, cotton cannot be missing from any medical procedure, be it to clean a wound or prior to an injection or placement of parenteral medications.

8. Gold

This precious metal is used in the field of goldsmithing and jewelry, under the creation of bracelets, earrings, rings, chains and other ornamental accessories.

9. Seeds

Undoubtedly, this natural product is constituted as a raw material, since it allows the growth of fruits and vegetables.

Next, the seeds must be used with other materials, which will facilitate the growth of plantations and in obtaining food.

For example, the seeds can produce grains, oats, legumes, cocoa, rice, soybeans, and other cereals.

10. Milk

Finally, we conclude this list of raw material examples with milk, a product derived from mammals.

This product is common to see in supermarkets and of different types, such as cow, goat, soy, skimmed or iron-enriched.

In conclusion, milk contains essential elements for the nutritiondevelopment and functioning of our body.