🥇 ▷ 10 Examples of【 Conflicts】

He conflictIn the first place, it is defined as a confrontational situation between two or more people to achieve an objective. In this dispute, there must be three common elements, which are: the actors, the problem and the process. Next we explain them with some interesting examples of conflicts.

Sometimes resolving a conflict can reach devastating terms, as is the case with international problems. When there are no agreements between both parties, one of them takes the initiative to win the fight by force, even going so far as to war.

It should be noted that conflicts are classified according to the number of people involved, therefore these can be: labor, social, economic, international, among others.

Best Conflict Examples

Before presenting some examples of conflicts, it is important to understand that in any dispute there must be two interested parties for the same objective. The good news is that the solution can be reached through a figure called conflict resolutionwhich is given by dialogue.

1. Couple conflict

Conflicts between couples are classified as family and social type. Because it touches the interests of a large group within society. Problems in the couple sometimes result in divorces and separations, where one of the parties must assume the role of head of the family.

It is known by the name of relational conflict, due to the bad communication between couples or family members.

2. Labor dispute

The labor conflict or work, are classified according to the cause that originates it. For example lack of teamwork, when a worker or employee does not do their work, creatively and performance does not improve. An environment of conflict between employees and boss, is disastrous for the company. organization.

3. Lack of communication

The lack of communication can lead to serious labor, social and international conflicts. When a superior fails to convey a message to workers, problems arise. In many cases the lack of communication can appear as misinformation.

4. competitiveness

Competition, either at a superior level or between employees, causes conflicts originated by the premise of who does the activity better.

It is one of the factors of most discord and disagreement in the workplace, because the marked preference for some workers can develop conflicts in the personal and interpersonal area.

5. Breach

Conflicts over breaches are the biggest disagreement in all areas. A clear example can be seen in the wars between countries, when they do not respect the established agreements.

In the same way, when a worker fails to comply with the norm established by the organization, such as the schedule, uniform, and equipment, it is an example of non-compliance.

6. Prejudice

The issue of prejudice has attacked all parts of human life. The prejudices by racism, sexual identity, sexism and religionThese are some of the areas that we see in conflict on a daily basis. One of the examples of conflicts associated with prejudice is the racial discrimination that still prevails in some countries.

7. Personality clashes

It’s about a personal relationship conflict. It is understood as a shock personality bad energy and interference between people. For example, when a person does not fit into an organization, either because of religion or behavior.

However, values ​​such as respect prevent the personality clash from imposing itself on the values ​​and principles of the other.

8. Work psychological harassment or mobbing

It is known as mobbing, the psychological harassment exerted by one or more people on another in the labor or social area. However, this type of harassment is punishable by law, either from worker to employer or vice versa.

9. Inequality

Inequality conflicts are well known since ancient times. For example the Social inequalitybrought as a consequence a series of measures and norms at the international level, to regulate the power of man exercised by others.

For example, a nation subjected to a dictatorial form of government, brings as a consequence social conflicts such as uprisings of the populationagainst that autocratic system.

10. Economic conflict

Economic conflicts are the cause of conflict and the biggest discrepancy of the century. Since both families and society are hit by this terrible scourge.

The lack of economic resources, such as money, causes serious social problems. For example in Venezuelamany people have had to go to other countries in search of opportunities, which gender, a dismemberment and enormous family conflict.