➤ Examples of Acute Angle ✔

Acute angle

Angles whose measures are less than 90°.

Take into account that the acute angle must not be zero (0°), therefore we have:

Let «α» be the acute angle, then it is fulfilled:


notice the figure of an acute angle:

Examples of the Acute Angle

Next, we will see several examples of acute angles. Let’s see the following:

30°, 12°, 45°, 65°, 60°, 30°, 15°, 89°, 18°, 5°, 75°, 30.5°, 37°

We can also say that we see the acute angle in geometric figuresLook at the figures:

1. Acute Angle in a Rhombus

In a rhombus we have 2 acute angles, they are seen at the opposite vertices. I watched:

2. Acute Angle in Equilateral Triangle

In a equilateral triangle we have 3 acute angles equal to 60°. I watched:

3. Acute Angle in daily life

Other examples of acute angles we see in daily life, in many objects and things, let’s see 2 illustrative examples:

to. Acute angle in the Egyptian pyramid:

b. Acute angle on a ladder: