▷ WORK PERMIT Letter for MINORS, Example Word

The Ministry of Labor, as the entity in charge of inspection and surveillance of these matters, requests guidelines for the authorization and work permit for minorsincluding a work permit form for parental authorization to work.

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Requirements to obtain a work permit for minors

It is a fact that, without the authorization of the Ministry of Labor, a minor who performs economic and labor tasks is in breach of legal norms and labor laws. Parents and employers would be at legal risk, that is why I leave some Guidelines for obtaining a work permit for minors.

If the work permit is for a high school adolescent

Letter of application from the employerCopy of identity cardCopy of identification of parentsSchool certificate of the minorCopy of degree certificate

Work permit for a minor who does not have a bachelor’s degree

School commitment letter, where the educational institution authorizes time to perform work tasksand the student agrees to comply with their school work.

Who authorizes the work permit for minors

The entities that authorize and generate the permit for minors to perform work tasks are: the family welfare institute, but not before being authorized by the labor inspector or the mayor of your town.

From what age can a minor work?

The minimum age to work is 16 years. Minors under 16 need authorization and a special work permit. Between the ages of 16 and 18, the minor needs the consent or authorization of the parents or guardians, depending on whether or not she lives independently.

Decree indicating the legal guidelines to authorize a minor to work

To learn more, the work permit for minors under 18 years of age can read Decree 2737 of 1989, which resolves all legal doubts regarding the political constitution.

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Description of the sample work permit letter for minors

Word FormatYESPDF FormatYESExcel FormatNoDocument TypeLetter, TemplateClausesNoYear Last Version2023Free DownloadYESTable that describes the template for the parent’s permission to work face.

Written work permit letter format for minors


Labor Inspector (mayor)


(name of the parent(s) issuing the work permit), older and resident of…, acting in my capacity as legal representative of my legitimate minor son, (name of the minor), I request your authorization so that My aforementioned son works in the company (company where the minor will work) or with the employer, Mr. (employer name), making it clear that he is not assigned to work or work that could harm his health or morale.

I also request authorization for the respective wages or salaries, as well as social benefits, to be paid directly to my aforementioned son.

Mr. Inspector or mayor,

Identification number:

(City and date)

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