▷ Sample Deposit Agreement (Word and PDF) 2022

The deposit in general terms is characterized by putting something in someone’s custody in order to be returned when requested by the depositary, the guarantee must be written in the deposit contract.

To write a good deposit contract We include in the post a template in Word that is easy to download, edit and print.

The document is the legal guarantee of the depositor (deponent) who delivers the thing to the depositary (person who receives) with the intention of being returned by the depositary when required.

The minute of deposit contains the necessary writing For the type of commercial relationship, in addition to having the example in Word, we will include a knowledge guide on the subject between depositary and depositor.

Description of the deposit contract model

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Example of the deposit contract model

Among the undersigned, namely: …, of legal age and resident of the city of…, identified with the citizenship card No… issued in… Who for the purposes of this contract shall be named.

THE DEPOSITOR and… also of legal age, and a resident of the city of…, identified with the citizenship card No… issued in…, who for the purposes of this contract will be named.

THE DEPOSITARYwe have agreed to enter into this DEPOSIT AGREEMENT, which is governed by the legal provisions applicable to this agreement and by the following clauses:

Contract clauses

1. Object of the contract

By virtue of this contract, the DEPOSITTOR delivers to the DEPOSITARY the possession, for its safekeeping and custody of the assets that are described below:

2. Place of deposit

The goods that are the object of this example of a deposit contract must remain during the term of the same at the headquarters of the DEPOSITARY, which is located at… (Precisely describe the place where the goods will be kept).

The DEPOSITARY may not change the location of the goods delivered as deposit without the prior written authorization of the DEPOSITTOR.

3. Use of assets in deposit

The use of the goods by the DEPOSITARY is expressly prohibited.

4. Duration of the deposit contract

The duration of this contract will be… (Specify the period), notwithstanding that the DEPOSITARY requests the restitution of the goods before the agreed term, event in which it is understood that this contract is terminated.

5. Economic remuneration

As consideration for its services, the DEPOSITARY will be entitled to receive the sum of… (weekly, biweekly, monthly), during the term of the contract, payable as follows:…

6. Status of assets

The parties declare that the goods delivered under this contract are in normal conditions of conservation (and/or) operation.

The document continued You can find it in the downloadable Word deposit contract example.

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What is a deposit contract?

In generic terms, in the deposit contract, the depositor or deponent delivers to another person, depository, a thing for free custody and return it as necessary when required to do so. It is a real contract, since the birth of the obligation (teneri) presupposes a previous acceptance (accipere), it is non-translative of the domain, bilateral, imperfect and free.

The depositary is obliged to guard, preserve and custody the thing deposited, not being authorized to use it and responding to the depositor in certain cases.

The deposit is a contract that is characterized by its freeFor this reason, the depositary’s liability was only required when its conduct was manifestly unfair and contrary to the fidelity required in this type of business. In no case did the depositary receive any benefit from the deposit, for this reason his liability is limited, limited to a minimum duty of diligence.

Two parties participate in the deposit contract, the depositor and the depository. Let’s see the meaning.

Depositor (deponent)

The meaning of depositor is the person who delivers the thing to another person.


Party that is in charge of the custody of the assets in voluntary deposit. And return them when required.

Characteristics of the deposit contract example

We include all the guarantees to cover and insure the parties within the commercial transaction, in addition the format has the following characteristics:

Object of the contract. Elements of the contract. Clauses. Space for signature of the depositor and depositary. Free downloadable in Word.

Example of a termination of a deposit contract

The Termination of a deposit contract is causal when it has been stipulated within the contract minutea time where the depositary must return the deposit to the depositor, as long as it has been notified in advance.