▷ Executive Food Demand Model (Word/PDF) 2022

A rare minute in the network, now in examples of minutes we share the writing of the executive demand for food. In addition, we are going to cover important topics of the type of family process.

The executive demand for food; It is a lawsuit to advance a civil process in family cases. Food process that seeks to defend and claim the rights of minors.

In order to ensure the success of the process, we drafted the minutes of executive demand for food in Word, the PDF format is also included. The problem with the latter is that it cannot be modified. Both files can be downloaded at the bottom of the post.

Description of the food executive demand model Word/PDF

Word FormatYESPDF FormatYESExcel FormatNoDocument TypeDemand in WordClausesNoYear Last Version2022Download FreeYESTable describing the executive food demand format in Word and PDF

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Example of executive demand for food

I (lawyer) of legal age, identified with the citizenship card No… of…, carrier of the professional card of lawyer No… of CS del J., domiciled and resident in…, acting as judicial agent of the lady…, of legal age, identified with the citizenship card No… of…, domiciled and Resident in…, who in turn works as legal representative of the minor…, according to the power of attorney conferred and attached; Through this written deed, I express to you that I demand that Mr…., of legal age, identified with the citizenship card No… of…, domiciled and resident in…, so that before the proceedings of an executive maintenance process, The payment order is ordered in favor of the represented minor based on the following facts and claims:

As to the facts of the claim

My principal contracted the civil marriage with Mr. (respondent) registered in the corresponding registry of civil status, before the notary (notary) Within this marriage, the child was procreated (name of child(ren)) age.A Through the conciliation agreement entered into in court… on the day… (…) of the month of…, for my client and defendant here Mr. (name), they agreed on the sum of (total in words) ($…) Medium, monthly, increased this quota annually in the same percentage in which the current legal minimum wage increases, which would be deposited in the account designated by my powerful power, for the child’s food expenses… To date, the defendant has not complied with what was agreed, despite of the multiple requirements made by my representative and on behalf of the minor. The defendant owes the sum of (sum in letters and numbers) from (date). The base document of the execution is a Reconciliation Law that provides executive merit to be an express and enforceable scheme, and on behalf of the child…, the lady… has the right to initiate this action.

Regarding the claims of the lawsuit

Initiate the executive process for food against Mr…., of the civil conditions already indicated, and in favor of my Mrs…, the sum of… ($…) Current currency, equivalent to the tables not canceled for the concepts of food of the day… (…) of the month (…) of the year (…) Until the day… (…) of the month (…) of the year… (…) plus the subsequent installments caused until the entire obligation is cancelled. That the defendant is sentenced in the expenses, judicial costs and agencies in the law in the amount indicated by the court.


The process that must be followed is the sole executive of the smaller amount.


Due to the nature of the process and the neighborhood of the parties, you are competent, Your Honor, to learn about this executive request for maintenance.


I estimate the amount to be more than (total obligation owed)

Fundamentals in law

Articles 411, following and 1617 of the Civil Code; 488 and following of the Code of Civil Procedure, 419 and following of the General Code of the process; Decree 2737 of 1989. Art. 129 and concordant, and Law 1098 of 2006, Law on Childhood and Adolescence.



Copy of the conciliation act carried out by the Court… Copy of the minor’s civil registry. Request for Precautionary Measures.


Allow me to attach to this petition:

Two copies with their corresponding attachments for filing and transfer. The indicated documents. Power of attorney in my favor.


Notifications of the executive demand for food are received at the following addresses:

My address: Defendant: Lawyer:

From the Lord Judge,

What is a maintenance executive demand?

He food executive process goes before a judge of the republic. Competent judge to advance family court cases, with which seeks to claim the child’s alimony in order to seize and force payment from the parent of the minor.

He updated executive demand model included in the article, help in drafting the document in an executive process that requires a lawyer.

Utilities of the food demand model

The format or model, as it is named, is a minutes of executive demand for food that complies with all the legal norms of the general code of the process in the articles concerning executive food processes. The main utility is to initiate legal collection through family court.

Does the food claim require a lawyer?

yes, the executive demand for food is advanced by a lawyer, who is legally representing the father of the affected minor for non-compliance with the minor’s mandatory quota.

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