▷ Domestic Employee Settlement Format in Excel | updated 2023

A domestic work contract is cataloged by the Ministry of Labor as a job position, therefore, labor credits must be paid according to their time, salary and overtime, among other income, equal to the jobs for the full year.

This time we include a Domestic employee settlement format in Excel by days. Labor calculator to download for free, easy to use and with everything a domestic employee (or) earns per day.

The domestic employee settlement model in Excel comes formulated correctly according to the provisions of article 197 of the substantive labor code, which says that:

“Workers have the right to the benefits and guarantees that correspond to them, whatever the duration of the day.” That is to say, that internal or external domestic service employees, who work for days or hours, have all the rights according to art. 127 CST.

we left a download link to the domestic employee settlement form in Excel on the bottom. But first, we want to clear up doubts regarding the settlement of a domestic employee, the correct use of the domestic employee settlement format in Excel and other information relevant to the subject.

Labor liquidation of domestic employee for days

When the Worker works for days, that is, he does not work for the entire month, the mathematical formula is the same, only that when the salary base is settled, the value of the salary earned by the Worker must be taken into account, the days actually workers and the punctual proportionality of paid Sunday rest…

… In attention to what is regulated by article 173 of the Substantive Labor Code, which regulates this situation, ordering the proportional payment of rest, when the full week is not worked.

Formula to liquidate housework by days in Excel

If for six (6) working days, the Worker is entitled to a day of paid rest, how much does he/she correspond to for the number of working days when it is less than 6? To apply it, it is explained with the following example:

Working daysPaid Sunday rest6Are you entitled to one (1) day2X?

X= 2X1 / 6 X has a value of: 0.33 days of salary

Therefore, when, as in the example given, a domestic employee works two (2) days a week, she will be entitled to the salary of two days actually worked plus the value corresponding to 0.33 days, as a proportional Sunday rest , a value that multiplied by 4.33, which is the number of weeks per month, would result in the settlement base for the application of the formula, with which the Unemployment, the Unemployment Interest, the Premium will be settled. of Services, which in a year would be:

Monthly salary: $781,242 | Two days a month $225,519

Transportation Assistance: $88,211 | Two days a month $25,464

Weekly Sunday Proportional Score: $8,594 | Two days a month $37,211

Once this value is established, which is the monthly settlement base, for two (2) working days a week, the corresponding mathematical formula is applied below:

Take this into account, before making the domestic employee labor settlement model in Excel

1. Layoffs of the domestic employee

It should be noted that when the Worker has entered after January 1, 1991, the severance pay must be settled on a calendar yearly basis and if the worker continues his work, it must be paid and entered in the Severance Fund chosen by the Worker, to for which the Employer has a term that expires on February fourteen (14) of the year following its causation, but if the Worker belongs to the traditional layoffs regime, that is, to the retroactivity regime of these, the Employer must retain the severance pay in their possession and deliver it to the Employee at the end of the employment contract or employment relationship. Art. 249 of the substantive labor code.

2. Severance interest

Regarding Severance Interest, they are established in Law 52 of 1975 “By which annual interest is recognized on the severance pay of private workers” and its Regulatory Decree 116 of 1976, where its payment is provided.

Likewise, in Law 50 of 1990, “By which reforms are introduced to the Substantive Labor Code and other provisions are issued”, articles 98 and 99, modified by Decree 1176 of 1991, “By which the paragraph of the Article 98 and Article 99 of Law 50 of 1990 “

3. Premium for domestic services

The service premium is established in the Substantive Labor Code, which provides in its Chapter VI, article 306, the principle that governs this obligation for the Employer, a rule that was modified by Law 1788 of 2016, through the which guarantees access in the conditions of universality to the right to pay the service premium for domestic workers, in its article 2.

4. Liquidation of vacations of employees for days

It should be noted that this value of the Vacations would be the one that the Employer would pay in the event of the final liquidation of the Worker, or when he is in prolonged disability, that is to say, that for this reason the Worker has not been able to enjoy them, because if granted during the term of the Employment Contract or the Labor Relationship, more days would be settled, taking into account that the value of Sundays and Holidays, which are caused during the respective period, would be included in the value to be paid.

5. Labor endowment of an employee or domestic employee

Regarding Staffing, article 230 of the Substantive Labor Code, modified by article 7 of Law 11 of 1984, “By which some norms of the Substantive and Procedural Labor Codes are reformed”, indicates the obligation of the Employer to provide footwear and work clothes for those workers who earn up to two monthly legal minimum wages.

In conclusionthe Domestic Service Worker, like any other worker, has the right to receive the payment of their social benefits, at the time in which the Law establishes for it, or the termination of the employment contract, as we already mentioned initially.

How to use the domestic employee settlement format by days in Excel

The liquidator of domestic employees by days is simple to edit, include the following data:

In 2023 we modified the table to make it so that anyone without knowledge of Excel can use the labor calculator and obtain the exact data.

Follow the steps below to calculate the social benefits of a domestic employee for days.

Working days per month: add in each month the days that the domestic worker worked.Daily salary per day

The rest is done by the domestic employee settlement format in Excel, do not forget to keep in mind to update the transportation allowance according to the year in which you make the labor calculation.

What data is projected by the domestic employee settlement table in Excel

Value of the Day Legal transportation assistance Monthly Working days per month | AverageBasic salaryDaily transportation allowanceAverage overtimeBonusesOther salary incomeTotal base salarySeverance allowanceInterest on layoffsService premiumVacation settlementExample table of domestic employee settlement format in Excel

What to take into account in the domestic employee settlement format in Excel

The Domestic Employee Settlement in Excel format calculates annually. If you are going to calculate several years, ideally copy the table in Excel and calculate year by year. You must include the transportation allowance for the legal minimum wage in force at the time of making the settlement. The project calculates more business days, it is for the aforementioned: Right to paid Sunday. Be aware that the domestic employee settlement table does not calculate the contributions to health, pension, professional risks and family compensation fund. Payments you are also entitled to.