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The kind of Loan agreement In Word, another unique minute in the virtual library, in this article it will be made clear, this type of negotiation, asides and the legal forms with which a bailment service can be contracted and provided.

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Characteristics of the bailment contract model in Word

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What is a bailment contract?

negotiation where one person lends freely to another, a movable or immovable property. This, for the purpose of its use in accordance with the agreement in the signed minute agreement. The lender is called (assignee) and the creditor is called (assignee).

This loan agreement seeks compel the commodante to respond, in case of damage or loss of the thing given in bailment.

Legal information on the bailment

The definition that refers to Loan agreement It is in the civil code, specifically in the civil code article 2200

“ARTICLE 2200. Definition and improvement of the bailment or use loan. The bailment or use loan is a contract in which one of the parties delivers to the other a movable or root species free of charge, so that it can use it, and with charge of restitution of the same species after the end of use.

Why is the bailment contract important?

This document is important because it allows the free and free use of a thing, without the usual abuse of movable or immovable property, it is so, that the document is the legal tool to make it clear that the thing is not transferred to the bailor, the house loan is simply being provided for a certain period of time.

Commodatum contract model

The minute has different types of usesin vehicle loan, movable property, real estate, medical equipment and thousands of other uses, the bill was drafted in Word format, to make it easy to write and edit.

Example of a real estate loan agreement

Clauses of a bailment contract

1. Object of the contract

The bailor (administration) delivers to the bailee, free of charge, a plot of land, owned by him, with an area of….. (…mt2) square meters, acquired in greater extension, through…, as stated in public deed number … of.., (department), granted on the day… (…), of the month of… of… (…) at the Registry Office of the circle of………, a property that is located in the urbanization……. , of the city of …… and whose particular boundaries, according to the plan of the topographical survey, carried out by ……. , are the following:

From the north: starting from point one (1), located at…..; from the south, …; from the east,…; and to the west…

2. Delivery of the loan

The bailor will deliver the bailed property free of all encumbrances, pending lawsuits, occupation and, in general, any other obstacle or impediment to the exercise of the right of domain over it, by means of a document in which its current state will be described and it will appear signed. by……. , on behalf of the lender and bailee.

3. Obligations

The bailee undertakes to use the greatest care in the conservation of the good delivered and will respond even for the slightest fault. He will respond, therefore, for any deterioration that does not come from nature, or from the legitimate use of the property; and if such deterioration is such that the good is not capable of being used in its ordinary use, the bailor may demand the previous price of the good, abandoning its ownership to the bailee. On the other hand, the borrower will not be responsible for acts of God, unless:

1) Has misused the asset, or delays its restitution, unless it appears that the deterioration or loss would have occurred anyway;

2) the fortuitous event has occurred through his fault, even if very minor;

3) when, due to the danger of the loaned property or his own, he has preferred to save his own;

4) when you have expressly accepted responsibility for the fortuitous event.

4. Destination of the property on loan

The property that is delivered on loan will be used, on the other hand, by the borrower, exclusively to…… (the type of works that will be carried out on the land delivered, its general and particular characteristics, the nature of its destination and the essential purposes that serve as justification for the contract and that partly explain its gratuity).

5. Term of contract

The loan for use that is agreed upon will have a term of…. (…) years, counting from the date of delivery of the land.

6. Restitution of the property

The borrower must return the property delivered on loan for use, in the following cases:

1) At the expiration of the term referred to in the previous clause;

2) for breach of the obligations of the borrower in relation to the destination, inappropriate use, or deterioration of the property through his fault, and, especially,

3) by dissolution (or death, in the case of a natural person) of the legal entity bailee;

4) due to a situation of urgent need for the property occurring to the bailor;

5) due to the termination of the services for which the property was used.

7. Free for the borrower

This contract is free; therefore, the borrower does not incur any obligation for the use of the property, as agreed; on the other hand, the works necessary for such use, such as sanitary facilities, constructions, roads, etc.,

The same as those required by the conservation of the property, it will correspond to the bailee, and once the property is restored, they will remain as the property of the bailor, in which case there will be no right to compensation or financial compensation in favor of the bailee.

How to make the bailment contract

The draft included in the article is already 90% of the requested document, download it to carry out the procedure, the minute of the loan agreement. Comply with the legal regulations for the procedure in question, complete the information requested in the format, print, sign and that’s it, it’s that easy, your document is ready.

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