ᐉ Power Model for Membership Process, Example and Word/PDF Formats 2022

To start a process membership must give power for the process of belonging to the lawyer so that he can legally represent him in the lawsuit. With the power of attorney, the judge is clarified that, within the process, he will be represented by a lawyer with the name and professional card number that appears in the document presented.

This model of power for the process of belonging grants the lawyer the representation and the powers to act on behalf of the principal to receive, compromise, replace, desist, renounce, resume and in general all those necessary for the proper compliance of its legal management.

The writing of Power of attorney for membership process can be downloaded in Word from the link at the bottom of the post.

Characteristics of the power model for the membership process

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Example of power for membership processes


Civil Judge (type of court) of (city) distribution


I (grantor’s name and surname) older and residing in…, identified with (type and number of identity documents) Issued in…, respectfully declare to you that I grant special power of attorney to the doctor (accepting attorney), of legal age identified with (type and number of identity documents) issued in… and holder of the Professional Lawyer Card No…, of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, so that in my name and representation; initiate, process and bring to completion the ownership process of (name) against Mr. (name), also of legal age and from this neighborhood, in order to (indicate the specific purpose that is sought in the particular ownership process ).

My agent has the inherent powers to exercise this power of attorney, especially those of receiving, compromising, substituting, desisting, renouncing, resuming and in general all those necessary for the proper fulfillment of his management.

Please, Mr. Judge, recognize him as legal representative in the terms and for the purposes indicated herein.

From the Lord Judge,


Grantor Name:


I agree

Lawyer name:


Power of attorney utilities

The model of power of attorney for the ownership process is useful to present to the judge as the legal representative who will initiate the property ownership process, and who from now on will carry the process through to completion.

What should be contained in the power of attorney in the membership process

To prepare a power of attorney, you must prepare a document that states the following:

The identification (name and identity card) of the person(s) in power. Data of the grantor (proxy) (who receives and accepts the authorization or representation). Notary authenticate for greater validity.

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