ᐉ Model Contract for the Provision of Lawyer Services 2023

Sample writing of a contract for the provision of services with a lawyer

Among the signatories, namely: ………. Commercial company legally constituted by public deed No … of the notary … of the circle of …….., with Nit. ………. represented by ………., identified with citizenship card No. ………. of ………., in its capacity of ………. of the same, as recorded in the certificate of existence and legal representation issued by the Chamber of Commerce of ………. Of date) ………. and who for the purposes of this contract to provide legal services, who will be called the company, and ……, of legal age, identified with Identification Number No. ………. of ………., practicing lawyer, holder of professional card No. ……. of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, who will now be called a lawyer, we have agreed to enter into a contract for the provision of lawyer services that will be regulated by the legal provisions on the subject (1) and especially by the following clauses:

First. Object of the contract.

The lawyer, independently, is, without legal subordination, using his own means, will provide legal advice to the company on the following issues: ………. (here you must clearly define the services of provision of lawyer services).

SECOND. Professional fee.

The company will pay, for fees, the sum of ………. ($…..) Monthly pesos. It is understood that, if the company and the lawyer agree to this contract and that the lawyer generally receives

THIRD. Obligations of the lawyer.

The main obligations for the lawyer are:

to) I work diligently on entrusted matters

b) resolve queries as quickly as possible;

c) make a general business report that has been delivered every month (or more, as agreed)

d) attend the company’s offices, during the normal hours in which you carry out your work, at least once a week, according to the needs

and) Assist the official designated by the company in your office, on the day and at the time indicated by the lawyer, to provide the necessary guidance.

ROOM. Company obligations.

The Company is obligated to the following:

to) Cover the amount of the fees (Attorney’s Fees) of the day ………. (…..) of each month;

b) provide all the information required by the lawyer;

c) Pay the fees that arise from the provision of services not contemplated in the second clause.

FIFTH. Contract period.

This contract for the provision of lawyer services is concluded indefinitely. However, either party can cancel it by writing to the other one month in advance.

SIXTH. Delegation.

It is prohibited (or, it is allowed; or it is subject to the previous and written approval of the director) the delegation of companies that under this commission are delivered to the lawyer.

SEVENTH. abnormal termination.

Failure to comply with the obligations arising from this agreement provided by one of the parties will enable the other to terminate the contract, without the necessary requirement of any kind.

EIGHTH. Commitment clause.

Any controversy or difference that may arise due to this contract, its execution and liquidation will be resolved through an arbitration court, in accordance with Decree 2279 of 1989, Law 446 of 1998 and Decree 1818 of 1998, for which they establish the establishment of the establishment The following rules:

to) The type of arbitration to be adopted is ………. (independent, institutional or legal), therefore, the procedure established for this case is…..

B) The court will be made up of ……… three (3) arbitrators, unless the matter being discussed is a smaller number in which the arbitrator will be only one (1);

c) The internal organization of the Court will be subject to the rules provided for in the legal provisions that regulate commercial arbitration and conciliation centers.

d) the Court will decide on (law, conscience or technical principles)

and) the court will work in the city of the city of ……….. in the arbitration center called ……..

NINETH. Additional clauses.

to) Confidentiality clause. The content of this contract for the provision of lawyer services, the documents and information that the Company gives the lawyer at this time and that is delivered in the future due to the development and execution of this, enjoy confidentiality due to professional secrecy (7 ) which is typical of his profession.

That is why all the information to which the lawyer has access is protected by the rules governing professional secrecy and, therefore, can only be used for purposes inherent to his activity.

Any violation of this can be sanctioned in a criminal, civil, disciplinary and general manner in accordance with the regulations governing the matter (8),

b) … (others that the parties wish to include). In Assent, the parties sign this document in two copies of the same tenor, in ………. He ………. (date).

They sign the contract for the provision of lawyer services

The company: