ᐉ Information Request Template, Example in Word 2023

An information request letter is a formal form, worth the redundancy is to request data that will help you better understand something. It is also useful in other situationssuch as requesting a job reference or applying for a scholarship, requesting information on documents or procedures, etc.

The information request letter is an important tool when requesting data from a company, organization, documentation or procedure. Learn how to write an information request letter today!

Apart from the guide to write the letter, we also include a sample of information request in Word easy to download, adapt and present. The sample minute can be downloaded from the bottom of the post.

Description of the information request model

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Information request example



Ref. Request for specific information

… of legal age and neighbor of ……. Identified with citizenship card No… issued in…. , lawyer with TP No… of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, acting as attorney for Mr…. an equally elderly person and a resident of this city, with all due respect I come to your Office, in order to exercise the right of petition referred to in article 23 of the Political Constitution and request and obtain access to the information about the object that I will indicate in this request.

Request parameters

FIRST: On the… days of the month of…… of……, the undersigned, acting on behalf of Mr.…… initiated a process of…… before……, request that was inadmissible for not having attached the following documents:


SECOND: Such documents rest in the archives of this institution.

THIRD: When requesting them from the head of the archives, the answer was negative because permission from the General Directorate is required to access them.

FOURTH: The indicated documents constitute mandatory annexes to the aforementioned process, which is why I come before your Office.


Therefore, I ask your Office to authorize access to the information contained in the documents related to the first fact and to order the respective official to issue an authenticated copy thereof.


In order to demonstrate the need for the requested documents, I would like to attach copies of the complaint and of the order that was rejected, through which the questioned documents are requested.


I allow myself to attach to this request the documents indicated in the evidence and a copy of it for the files of your Office.

The complement of the information request model can be found in the Downloadable minutes in Word.

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What is a request for information?

It is a letter sent to an individual or a company to request information about something. In some cases, you can’t get details about a certain product you need. Therefore, through the presentation of the document, it is necessary to contact the entity to obtain this information.

Using an incorrect format is one of the challenges you may face writing your information request. You can also ignore the specific information that is needed in an application letter. Using the information request example as a guide will make it easier.

The information request letter format is easy to understand. It must be answered correctly, with the correct greeting. Describe the explanation of why you need the data you request. For the scenario, the letter should be formal, succinct and direct. Once you’re done, always check your writing for spelling errors.

How to write a letter of request for information

Start with a clear goal

Before writing any type of letter, make sure you are clear about what you want to achieve. This includes knowing why you need the information and who you will use it for. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these questions: What do I want to learn more about? Who am I trying to reach? Why should they give me the information?

Be specific about what you need

Once you’ve answered those questions, you can start composing your letter. Start by identifying yourself as clearly as possible. Include your name, title, contact information, and the date you sent the letter. Then state your purpose for requesting the information. Next, explain why you need the information. Finally, ask for the information you need. Be sure to keep your requests short and sweet.

Include a deadline

If you are requesting a lot of information, be sure to set a deadline for receiving the requested information. This will help ensure that you receive what you need in a timely manner.

Follow up

After you submit your application, follow up with a phone call or email within 24 hours. Be sure to thank them for their time and let them know that you received their response. You should also ask if there is anything else you can do to help them.

Don’t forget to include a thank you note

Appreciate what they have done for you and make them feel valued. If you’re not sure who to send a thank you note to, try contacting the person directly. They will appreciate knowing that you took the extra effort to say thank you.

How to formally request information?

When you’re looking for something specific, it’s helpful to write down exactly what you need. This will save you time when making necessary requests.

Start with a simple “I would like to” statement, and then explain why you deserve it. Be sure to include details or any other relevant information. Keep in mind the tone of the request, always use kind and cordial language, formal requests are notorious for this. Once you have made your request, follow up with an email or a letter to thank the recipient for their help. This shows them that you appreciate their help and will likely encourage them to continue helping you in the future. Finally, sign the formal request letter.