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Examples of letters, a new category of the virtual library. From here you can download all the writings of formal letters, presentations, recommendations, requests, among others. All templates are easy to edit and include whoever it is in Word, and convert to PDF.


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We developed this category in order to help you easily find the sample letter you need for your writing, we will include thousands of sample letters for introduction, motivation, business, formal and informal letters, and many more. Shall we start?

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Main letter examples

Types of letters

Currently, there are different types of letters, depending on the issuer’s need, and to whom the message is addressed.

Bearing in mind that the letters are dry communication written texts, it is relevant that the wording is the best possible, spelling, punctuation, structure, message, among other relevant points that allow the message to be understood by the recipient.

As indicated above, letters have different structures and parts that make the wording consistent with the written message.

In this article we are going to show the 4 most important types of cards.

formal letters

Formal letters are those sent by the issuer to companies, professionals, institutions, political, academic or administrative. The formal letter type voice is cordial, commonly used to make requests. An example would be job resignation.

Writing formal letters must be very cordial, the message and the tone of writing often depend on a job position.

informal letters

An informal letter is one that is addressed to known or trusted people, they can be family, friends, even the couple. The message of this type of letter can be warmer, friendly or colloquial, taking into account that the recipient is someone close. An example of an informal letter is wishing congratulations.


Also known as circulars, the message that is sent in an informative letter is to publicize orders within the companies or generate some type of institutional information, the examples of informative letters are generally to publicize some type of modification.

The message that is sent in an informative letter is precise and forceful with the information that you want to make known.

business letters

A commercial letter carries as a message to publicize some type of commercial operation of the business, among the main examples of commercial letters we find the purchase and sale, service proposal, credit request, collection amount. Among other.

Business letter type language should always be warm and consistent with the request of the letter’s message.

Recommended structure for letters

Date and place: this text usually goes at the top of the letter template. Greeting: start the letter with a warm greeting to the recipient. Recipient: the name of the person to whom the letter is sent cannot be forgotten. Reason for the letter: tell the sender the reason why the letter is sent. Farewell: for cordiality every letter must have the farewell to the receiver. Signature: whoever issues a letter must sign it, place your name and signature.

part of the letter


Tricks to write a good letter

Most of the examples of letters have the type of wording according to the reason that you want to inform in the letter. Although the message changes from one to the other, keep these recommendations in mind when writing a letter.

After finishing writing the letter, our first recommendation is to read it aloud, in this way identify confusing phrases. You can even use the Word reader, Google, Big.Have a good dictionary on hand, recommended the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, available at www.rae.es.It is known that it is a formal document, try to that the message of the letter does not sound very formal, nor very kind. We advise you not to use the first name in the letter. Check the type of formal greeting in the letter. Example, change: “dear” to “dear” good in case the letter is not addressed to a trusted person. Write the thank you in the letter in a technique of a good letter. Use the examples of letters always sending a thank you. At the end ask yourself: Did I forget to include any important point to be discussed? Is there a need to change the presentation of the text to make it clearer? Or is there information that is superfluous? This allows you to complete the sample letters.